12 Feb

From the Beta Archives of Failbook

Posts like this abound on Fakebook, and it’s easy to tell by the nature of its content that the simp behind this gauzy humbug is yet to lay his eyes on a real-time cream-pied female genital.

He’s probably just seen the Holywood side of women, having bought into the idea that women are completely virtuous, if NOT delicate objects of fantasies that must be pampered and protected all the time from men whose intentions aren’t very different from his. 

But if someone made a reality TV of what men in the lives of these chicks go through, then I can only imagine the disappointment in this guy’s face.

Guys of his ilk play clueless to the fact that these girls are NO angels, but humans, with motives and insatiable sex drives too.  Their lusters also wane with time and their innocent countenance doesn’t in any way suggest their lack of sexual interest like the guys love to assume.

They may appear sweet during the day, but when lights go off, you’d be surprised by how fast these girls transform into sexual monsters, NOT any different from the kind of chicks who allow guys to snort coke off their asses while at it.

And you wonder why porn stars just look like the girl NEXT door.

So this guy sees the need to post this piece of lame advice on Tanya’s timeline. Mostly because he’s convinced Tanya is either a virgin or has put out with only one or two guys.

He cautions her about guys who would only want to use her as a ‘spare wheel’ when she should be with a man (him I guess) who would want to make her the main wheel.

This goes on to show that Patrick has never witnessed the worst of women. What he has instead is Hollywood-like romantic ideas about them.

Patrick wants us to understand that any man hitting on a beautiful woman is only doing that to pump and dump her after he’s had his skunk milked dry, and that there’s NO snowball’s chance in hell that he might actually be interested in starting a family with her.

Meaning he’s willing to tie the matrimonial note with the first HB that will be going down on him—a common mistake betas make all the time when choosing their spouses.  

Betas know women are the victim and we men, the perps. We can as well say they know just enough to get them in trouble.

They have spent all their years chocking up every single lie concerning women and faulting men for it. This is bound to go on, even when married, until it’s too late or when these bitches suddenly decide to show their true self, ripping them off their hard-earned money, house and kids, and opting to move in with guys who treat them like the shit they are.  

Even with this, these men never really wake up to the truthful nature of women.

It’s true that Patrick’s knowledge about women is shallow and so off the beam. In fact the only time he’d be able to understand women truly, is when he’d be on the receiving end of their cruelty.

Men like Patrick fall in love with an illusion, but NOT the true nature of women.

They’re also judgmental, ‘cause their views are shaped by what the society has to say. That explains why he’s quick to assume Tanya is likely to end up having bareback sex with a string of men who’ll be ditching her afterwards after infecting her with HIV.

10 Feb

Sonko cuckolded

A nice, LSMV man in an LTR with a woman with more options is a man waiting to be cuckolded. They wouldn’t admit to it, but women hold seething resentment for guys that rely on white-knighting to woo them to bed.

It’s for this reason that married women with betas for husbands throw themselves at the first jerk that happens to show interest in bedding them.

And women are anything, but sugar and spice. She knows her beta boyfriend won’t slake her on sexually, but she wouldn’t let go ‘cause she needs him for beta commitment and funding while her vag hungers after an alpha dick.

Women crave for an alpha dick quite as much as men crave for a fresh snatch after smashing the one they’re with a dozen times. And when an opportunity to fool around with one presents itself, marriage vows or the repercussions to follow are NOT going to stop her.

A woman in a relationship with a beta guy is a sexually malnutritioned woman. She might argue in defense of the contrary or get you into believing that she’s NOT capable of cheating out of respect for what you’ve been doing for her, but deep down she knows you’re NOT anywhere close to the options she would have settled for had things turned out otherwise.

In Sonko’s case, things make even more sense.

He’s a midget/dwarf. Other things held constant, and assuming he doesn’t have a whisky dick, this stature alone still lowers his market value at least two points down.

A good way to look at this is to imagine a Sonko without the career success. If NOT out of pity, how many women would want to be seen with him horsing around in public?

Worse he goes ahead to date a campus chick, unmindful of the fact that these chicks make their dating decisions based on the approval they get from their peers. It’s more of a show off to them. She definitely does NOT want to be christened the chick who screws a midget.

Now go back to imagining a Sonko with tight game. Every chick in her circle of friends would be dying to have his spunk in her, making him a man with options. This would have seen to it that the love rat of a chick is more proud of him, hence reduced chances of him getting cuckolded.

Another shoot in the feet was when he decided to settle for a doe-eyed chick from shagz. No chick feels the need to impress her peers or prove a point more than a chick that’s straight from Shagz. She’s a dido who certainly confided in her stealthy lover and group of friends that she’s only with Sonko ‘cause of the monetary favors she gets from him.

For what’s worth, let’s look at the different ways couples combine in a relationship.

In the first case scenario, we have a man with options and a woman with few options. It goes without saying that the man’s eyes will be wandering around, but the relationship is set to work as the man will have a peace of mind and the women will be happy to have finally netted a guy that many women swoon over.

On to the second case, which happens to be Sonko’s case; a man with fewer options settling for a woman with more options. Here, it’s the woman who will have a wandering eye. The husband will be insecure. And we all know where that leads.

The third case is where both the man and woman have equal options. This could be them having more options or them having fewer options. If it’s the former, the relationship will be more stable and the risk to be cheated on minimized.

If it’s the latter case, of course the relationship will be stable as NO one would take it as if they have done the other a favor. But both would be unhappy in it, even though infidelity would be at the bare minimal.

From everything said, I infer that a man with a wandering eye is less risky to a marriage or relationship compared to a woman with a wandering eye.

10 Feb

A New Opener I Pulled out of Thin Air

Ran this routine to a 19 year old buxom chick from Coast and the results were spectacular.

Spotted her in the company of a friend I know. Following the 3 seconds rule, I approached her right away without even thinking about what to say.

Me: (Ignoring pleasantries and the friend, and addressing the chick).

Saw you from the other corner and I think I’m already in love with you. Something like love at first sight.

Her: Nah. You’re NOT. You barely know me.

Me: Then how do we label this funny feeling I have?

Her: I don’t know. But it’s certainly NOT love.

Me: Maybe it’s the opposite of love. Or love at its most initial stages. Or we should just say it’s NOT yet grown to be love exactly.

Her: That’s funny.

Me: Yea. And if I may ask, what’s the opposite of love.

Her: Hate… I guess

Me: Not really. The opposite of love is indifference.

(I then went ahead to explain it to her)

 Indifference is defined as lack of interest, sympathy or concern, which is exactly what you feel when you’re NOT in love with someone. You probably wouldn’t even cry if I or any of your exes you no longer care about got knocked over and croaked right AWAY.

The good thing is that you wouldn’t be indifferent to me if you got to know me. Meaning you’d have fallen in love with me.

Her: How sure are you I’m NOT in love with someone else?

Me: At least you’ve NOT known me to say you’re NOT in love with me. Guess this gets us back to where we started.

 (Had to change the subject)

……. …

And that’s how I opened her.


25 Jan

3 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Marry in Your 20s

I’m a just few years shy of 30. Not contemplating marriage, but if I ever feel the need for it, then I’ll wait until I’m at least 36 years of age to even think about it.

I have made all the silly mistakes guys make in their 20s. But NO regrets; learned a lot in the process.

I have fallen in love, been a victim of an one-itis, hated myself, been hurt, or better, I have gone through almost everything a typical guy goes through in life before finally finding his bearing. To cut a long story short, my 20s have been a long wild journey whose events have all played part in shaping up who I am.

From my ongoing out-of-wedlock fornications, I have only put one chick in the pudding club. There could be more baby mamas out there, but at the moment, this is the only one I’m aware of. So I guess that merits me the right to call myself, a father.

It bears repeating that my 20s have been more of a learning trajectory. It’s at this stage in life that I also came to this conclusion: “Never marry in your 20s.”

These three reasons explain it all:

  1. You’re too young to understand the undercurrents of a relationship

It takes so much more than mutual love to make marriage work. Of course, love is at the center of it, but even with that, there’s so  much more to the depth of it than the limerance.

According to a recent study, the first feeling people have towards each other the first couple of months of being together is passionate and romantic love. The problem is that this sort of love isn’t meant to last. At least NOT a life time.

The kind of love that kicks in after that, companionate love, is what’s supposed to take you until “death do us part.” *I’m not making any of this up, the links are all down below.

A great majority of couples tends to separate at the limbo—when passionate and romantic love wears out, setting the room for companionate love. The reasons cited will be along the lines of I’m NOT attracted to her anymore.

It’s at this point that some men decide to introduce the possibility of an open relationship, while a great majority will simply just call it off and hook up with a fresh trim. As for the rest, they’ll only hope they don’t get busted cheating.

For reasons relating to having been in only a few relationships, guys in their 20s don’t actually understand the mechanics behind all this. They’ll simply sever when they realize they’re NO longer attracted sexually to their partners, instead of hanging in there a little longer as they buy time for companionate love to grow.  

  1. Not the Right Time to Make Decisions

Science has confirmed that people change the most in their 20s. You’re simply NOT you in your 20s, but on the verge of self discovery.

It’s until you hit age 30 that your core personality finally gets to see the light. In other words, people tend to understand themselves better after their 30s.

This is no ironclad rule as the path to self-discovery doesn’t always just end there. This could go all the way until the age of 50. But it’s in your 20s that you get to learn much about yourself, and it’s for this reason that all the serious life decisions are better saved until you’re at least 35 years of age.

  1. You’re more attractive at 30 than you are at 20

Odds are the hot girl you’re swooning over at 20 will be the average girl you’ll be friend-zoning at age 30.

This is because you’ll be at your most attractive at age 30. When  women turn 30, their market value dwindles. But for men, that’s exactly when it peaks up.

Another way to look at it is that at 30, that’s when you’ll be more confident, more powerful, less needy, emotionally more stable… in brief, everything an ego-tripping HB would want for a guy she wouldn’t mind banging.

To cap it all, a guy at 30 has more options when it comes to deciding who to fuck than a 20 year old. Which is to say should he decide to settle down at that age, he’ll be making that decision NOT out of lust or the need to have a constant supply of puntang, but a list of personal preferences that can go a long way into making his marriage life even more enjoyable.






03 Dec

When a Girl is hell-bent to know your Religious or Political Stand

Wrote this article based on some experiences I have had in the past. In retrospect, sometimes back when I was rediscovering myself and, in the process, shifting some of my religious viewpoints, I had to endure a celibacy period of roughly six months simply because I didn’t know how to withhold myself from getting into arguments with girls whose beliefs didn’t comport with my new found enlightenment.

I had this annoying habit of yapping about the inconsistencies in the Bible and Quran, calling on bullshit anything that failed to beat logic in the grand scheme of things.

Little did I know my continuous prattling on religious matters was scaring off most of the girls, until several months later when my heightened blue balls forced me to start pretending to be like everyone else! And there, my sex life was restored back to normal. Girls started finding my vibe alluring.

If your religious belief isn’t tangential to what the girl believes in, well and good, that inches you closer to her snatch.

For reasons relating to compatibility issues, girls have this weird, hell-bent curiosity of wanting to know where you stand on religious or political matters.

The latter is mostly the case if the girl happens to be from central province. Usually, this will be the needy, low-esteemed girls who think every relationship they get into should always lead to marriage or believes compatibility means voting for her tribal leader.

Some of the girls could ask me bluntly about my tribe, and when I mention it they’d assume I support a certain political leader based on where I come from.

That’s how shallow some of these girls are. Conversations are better held at the superficial level if you want to develop anything serious. Try getting intellectual with them and you’d be left hanging.

Those pursuing something long term can use this to gauge if the girl they’re after is to an intellectual capacity they can put up with.

But remember, it’s an infra dig to switch your beliefs to please her, regardless of how gorgeous she looks.

I have met guys who pretend to be big on Christianity when chasing girls who happen to be wearing panties of faith. That never really pays off ‘cause I have yet to meet a girl who’s so serious on Christian values to a point that she never fucks anyone. You just have to know how to control the frame and let her forget about her religious ties so she can throw all caution to the wind and consider sinning with you.  

My bedpost has so many saved girl notches. And below is how I aced their belief tests:

Wait until they start pressing for your political and religious beliefs. More often than NOT she’ll be prattling about how it’s against her belief to marry outside her religion.

Don’t be surprised when some of them candidly ask you about your favorite presidential candidate and, as if to warn you, add how they’ll never date anyone backing a certain candidate.

I used to evade the questions but that often led nowhere. Lying was an option, but it wasn’t an effective enough an option to warrant anything long term. 

So I decided to embrace honesty.

Here’s one response that has always worked magic for me:

“You’re among the few girls I have met who at least believe in something and have values that they strictly adhere to. Most girls are void on the inside. It’s like they lost hope in everything.

I also like the fact that you appear open minded and that you don’t use your beliefs to discriminate against those whose religious/political backgrounds don’t align with yours. 

I was brought up as a Christian and as a grown up I have learned to see the good in people regardless of what they believe in. Currently I find it hard to agree with some political/religious views some people propagate. But I try to look past it and stop being judgmental. That way, I’m able to learn different things from different people no matter their religious standings, and I must say, their contribution to my life has been positive. So I guess I’m pro anything that’s pro humanity.”

Lengthy huh…

But very effective… I’ll afterwards steer clear from anything that might trigger an argument then find a way to segue into another topic.

If she insists on continuing the topic, I simply cut her with something like:

“I at least know one thing about you. Next, what is it that you do for fun apart from reading your Quran or Bible?”

If she’s political I’ll respond with “You surely don’t spend your entire day watching news. Tell me something else that makes you fun to talk to.”

02 Dec

Never Take Dating Advice From a Woman… But You Can Make an Exception on This

A woman spitting nugget… very hard to come by, but once in a while a dating advise worth taking seriously slips out of a woman’s mouth, and we, the male readers at fabbo.tips, can’t help but acknowledge the kind of devotion such women put in uplifting the boy child.

Let me belabor on the points she made.

Addressing anyone with a penis,

“if you want to advance financially”

Which man wouldn’t want that? We all know what money can do. We all know the kind of babes we would be fucking if money was no longer an issue.

We don’t need the money to buy hookers or engage in some quid pro quo with sugar babies. Every ardent follower of this blog knows that they’d still get laid without the money. But then, we need resources—a nice apartment and, of course, a car to sneak some of the hotties we pull into our man cave without attracting prying eyes.

Although banal, Faridah advice on men trying to hog some puntang for themselves to avoid the “Bae-I-am-hungry… bae-buy-me-phone-airtime” kind of cheap skirts is spot on.

I bet she would also advise us NOT to buy hookers… Why buy sex when you can get it for free?

It’s good to know that we’ve always been on the right track. We all know how buying a chick we haven’t banged airtime or taking her to an eat-out can pulverize every little chance we still had of sleeping with her.  

And isn’t that what parents are for — buying their daughters food, airtime, menstruation kits and the rest of the stuff they need for their upkeep until they’re old enough to fend for themselves???

A smart girl knows she needs a job to get by. While a stupid one will tell herself that God will one day send a rich man her way so she can eat off his sweat pretending to be married to or dating him.

The second bunch of chicks is only good for casual flings, particularly to those who know how to leverage them for their phallus interest on a budget.  

We don’t take them to dinners. As a matter of fact, the only time we can take any carrier of a snatch to an-eat out is when we share the same blood or we’ve banged her close to a dozen times and we’re still attracted to the trim.  

After all that’s what game is meant for, and the only reason Fabbo.tips even exists.

Instead, find did-you-eat-well…do-you-want-me-to-cook-for-you kind of girls.  

This one flies in the face of every feminist I know. Just for the record, the healthy, high-toned woman in the image above is Faridah herself.

From her smile and glowing face we can deduce she’s one happy woman. What’s her secret?

Well, not deconstructing the natural flow of things. Cook for whoever mounts on you every night while you’re there sleeping on your back. And thereafter ask him if he did eat well. That’s her secret, explained straight-and-forwardly, not in an ego-salving manner like some women do.

How fast you progress financially depends on the type of woman you have by your side.

Very true… not just financially. We all know what a success-driven man can do with a good woman by his side.

Faridah is aware of the evil nature of some women. Those who want to leach off your sweat, thinking they’re doing you a huge favor offering you sex.

That’s why we pump then drop them wounded without any remorse. As for the good ones, we don’t jump on them with a boner ‘cause we know they at least deserve a chance to lead a happy life.

A good woman is an investment. A bad one, a bill…

I agree. We all have that woman we can all look back and say my life could have been a hot mess had she NOT been part of it. Otherwise, give yourself time to grow and try looking back when you’re 30 or 40 of age.

A bad one is a bill, a liability. Ask Robert Kawasaki about how to handle a liability and expect him to advise you along the lines of jettisoning her.

Good work Faridah Nakazibwe. Keep them coming and let Fabbo’s translator work its magic, gratis.

30 Nov

Female Hamsterization

I’m always assuming my readers know about the PUA terms that I use on this blog. But I got nothing to apologize for as all their definitions can be found on urban dictionary.

Here are two alternative links to use if you happen to fall among the bunch that lurk around but don’t understand a damn thing I post: Link 1 and Link 2.

That aside, I find today’s topic fun.

Female hamsterization, a term describing how women rationalize some of the bad decisions they make. It’s the term that best describes both the mechanization and undercurrents of a chick’s sporadic indulgence in bad behavior.

Every time a woman has sex with a guy for the first time, she first has to consult her hind brain for an acceptable reason window dressing her bad behavior. Speaking of which if the reason processed isn’t acceptable to both her and her friends, she will be left with no option but to want out.

It’s her hind brain that features a hamster, which is known for spinning on its wheels to churn out acceptable reasons that justify whatever bad behavior she engages in.

In the event that she has limited time to make the decision or she’s so enamored to even think right, the hamster has to spin even faster to come up with an acceptable reason, however crazy it is. It’s like women cheating their system when they’re determined to have sex with a man they’re deeply attracted to.

Players know about hamsters and the psyops to make it spin even faster when they want to get them into bed.

The hamsterized reasons these girls come up with don’t need to make any logical sense, as long as it can block them from seeing the consequence of whatever it is that they’re about to do.

Here are some examples of some of the hamsterized bad decision girls make all the time:

  1. Bad decision

Meets an alpha guy who sweeps her off her feet. She overlooks all the red flags or the player vibe the guy is giving. Decides to have sex with him, regardless.


The guy uses her as a pump and dump. He won’t even pick her calls.

Hamster rationalization

I only fucked him ‘cause I was drunk.

  1. Not Really a Bad Decision

She’s a virgin and so much into you. She wants to fuck you but the logical part of her brain tells her NO or she should at least give it some time. She decides to ignore it completely and give in to your demands.

Hamster Rationalization

He’s the love of my life. There’s nothing wrong with having sex with the person you love.


She has to deal with the guilt of losing her virginity too soon to you.

  1. Bad decision

I just made a pact with myself NEVER to date broke guys. She then embarks on a cum-gobbling spree trying to net a rich guy.


She’s the subject of one night stands. Or gets pumped and dumped all the time ‘cause the guys she’s trying to date have too many options to even consider her an LTR prospect.

Hamster’s rationalization

All men are dogs.

  1. Bad Decision

She’s married to a beta guy she resents. To satisfy her unattended to sexual appetite, she gets into a side relationship with an alpha guy who fucks her good.


Her cheating is discovered.

Hamster Rationalization

He wasn’t paying me enough attention. Or, he always forgot to shut the bathroom door after using it. Or (pilfered from two and a half men), he was sucking the life out of me with his excessive nice guy vibe. I wasn’t in love with him anyway.

29 Nov

Attracting Women by Admitting a Vulnerability about Yourself

My google-fu is pretty good. I sometimes come across stuff I can bet most of you will never find given a  life time.

So yesterday, during my usual browsing, I came across an article whose topic piqued my interest.

It was the story of the late Richard Ramirez (or the “Night Stalker” as he was also referred), one of the world’s most dreaded serial killer turned a female magnet after his conviction.

Among the women competing for his attention, there’s Doreen Lioy, who claims she fell in love after seeing his mug shot on TV. And, as with all Hybristophiliacs, she points out that there was something in his eyes that made her gina go tingly. “It was his vulnerability”, she perceives.

You may want to read about Richard Ramirez first to know what type of a horrifying killer we’re talking about here.

For the record, Lioy’s actions weren’t necessitated by her stupidity. If anything, she’s a BHS graduate, very independent with a job as a freelance magazine editor.

Some would argue that her actions were goaded by her thirst for media attention. But then, that could have come clear after a few years of them being together. But all we get to see is a woman in love, willing to bet her life on her husband’s innocence.

This brings us to today’s topic: attracting women by admitting a vulnerability about yourself.

Women are attracted to a man who’s an emotional rock. But at the same time, they want to see a vulnerability that they can use to get closer to him.

Going full-on hardcore will of course get you laid. But showing at least one weakness to a woman you’re pursuing is good for enhancing the tension as it gives her something she can invest on.

Plus being an all-time badass makes you appear like a faker or try-hard. The point is: DON’T let your asshole-ry make women start questioning its authenticity.

I can’t count the number of times I have divulged to the women I’m trying to seduce about my fear for cock roaches or rats.

I sometimes go on a limb to talk about how poor I am at dating, which is of course true. This works magic as it also doubles as a disqualifier. I can remember the number of times I have used that on chicks, only to have them trying to convince me otherwise with lines such as “it’s ‘cause you haven’t met the right chick.”

Don’t get into the details of it; rather use it as a springboard to get the girl to reveal something intimate about herself.

Timing is also very important when it comes to this. Don’t fess up before isolating her from the set she’s in. Or two minutes after opening her up.

Mostly I use a vulnerability when I want to transition to the make-out phase. I just look her into the eye, drop my head down then face her again and drop it. I’ll afterward let her talk about a vulnerability she has as I triangulate waiting to kiss close.

27 Nov

Are You Single?

My blogging hasn’t been consistent of late. It was a while back but I stopped posting on a regular basis because my initial plan was to focus on local pick up rather than regurgitating the same ol’ stuff already filling up the red pill eco-chamber.

So I took a break trying to figure out the right direction to swing by.

N0t yet at it, but I have a story that I thought would kill the ennui of you visiting the blog and finding that I haven’t posted anything new… again.

It goes like this.

I was hanging in the studio with a group of beta guys I know when this girl who has friend-zoned one of the guys walks in accompanied by a friend of hers–a petite, dark-skinned college girl that I’d rate a #7.

The girls proceed to greet everyone before plopping on a couch at the further corner from where I’m seated.

I’m busy surfing the net on my laptop. My friend-zoned buddy moves to where they are and starts engaging them.

I take a look and notice that the friend appears left out. She’s glaring at her phone trying to avoid the uncomfortable milieu.

She appears like an easy lay to me. Plus I find her about an inch or two above everyone’s boner test (if their standards are that high). I have no doubt that someone else in the room has eye on her.

I’m in a stable LTR, so I think my game is a tad rusty as I haven’t had the time to practice it in the field for quite some time.

I seize this as an opportunity to put some of my almost blunt gaming skills into practice.

In situ, without moving an inch, I try to catch her stare. When I finally do, I raise my eyebrows before shouting loud enough to make everybody in the room shush for a second, “are you single.”

I have used this opener before. But burned and crushed most of the time.

And it’s NOT like I have a stacked up routine to follow it up with. Whatever her response would be, I’ll be winging up everything I say afterward.

She responds in the negative, “Not really,” — just like I had projected she would do.

“Too bad.”

“Why is it bad?” she inquires.

There’s a chair next to me so I motion her to come over.

“I’m yet to find out if it’s bad for you or him?”

She smiles before responding.

“It’s a happy relationship; I doubt he feels bad about it.”

“It must be bad for you then. See, you just missed the opportunity of making out with a far more interesting guy.”

“Who told you my guy is NOT interesting.”

“I really don’t want to get into the details of all that. I suggest we save it for another day. So tell me something about you that I can’t cold read.”

“You cold-read me”


I then go ahead and perform the big cube personality test.

She admits the test is spot on as all it says about her is true.

I can feel the sexual tension building up. I admit to her that I’m NOT good with relationships as I currently have that strong need to first improve other aspects of my life before I can finally decide to commit to anyone.

I could have escalated and directed the conversation to anywhere I’d have wanted to see it headed. But for some important reasons, I pulled off.

I’m counting three months since this happened.



15 Nov

The State of Pick up in Kenya

Ran a Google search on Kenyan PUA, just to find out if there’s anyone who shares the same sentiments as me.

One of the results that came up was this Link. Some guy named Blina Ventos, who seemed to be riding high on the Mystery Method.

The second site I landed at was tukatiane. I have been a lurker on the site for quite some time, leaving random comments whenever I come across a post I think resonates with what I believe in.

Of the two, I liked Blina the most. He appears like a guy who started off by reading the fundamentals of pick up. A guy I would enjoy watch run his game on the street and maybe find a thing or two to learn from.

The other one was nothing short of a guy who’s still trying to get over the hoopla of discovering game. The site was replete with click baits, with some content pulled off blogs, and I could tell most of the stories on site were fabricated and only good for bloggers hoping to earn from AdSense. So I unbookmarked the site. .

If Blina runs bootcamps as stated, then I’m convinced he’s NOT a rip off, but a guy with a lot to teach those getting started.

I still run indirect game as I have seen it do magic, particularly in NIGHT clubs. Just walking up to a random girl or a group of them and opening them by soliciting for a female opinion on something, then escalating bit by bit until you’re finally there, is the game I used to run after chocking in the redpill, and the results were tremendous.

That’s why I still recommend anyone just starting out to first read) the game by Neil Strauss to get a comprehensive picture of what exactly constitutes game and secondly) the mystery Method to get hands-on skills on how to hit the street and pick up girls in real time.

Other than that, find Blina and let him teach you how it’s done, as he’s the only pick up artist I can tell actually gets real time pussy. As for the rest, oh boy…I have NEVER smelled anything faker!!!