09 Jan

Why Women Resent Beta

Date someone your class or higher. It’s as simple as that, if her SMV is lower than yours, then she’s NOT the right woman for you. Not for a casual lay or LTR.

Take this advise with the seriousness it deserves, for your own sanity.

A bigger section of the population hold a very low degree of self worth. These are the people who’ll do anything to elevate their social status or at least get an impression of it.

Grown ass guys gossip and put each other down with every chance they get, ‘cause deep down they think very low of themselves.

Woman aren’t any different in this. Just worse.

They’ll gossip, fight each other and put their friends down ‘cause their self worth is hurting, and they’re down for anything that elevates their hierarchical status.

That pretty much explains why women have a special preference for an alpha, or someone with a good wealth  and societal rank. And the lower she feels about her degree of self worth, the more she’ll be compelled to chase after an alpha BF for a strike of balance.

In the event that she succeeds in snagging one for herself, she’ll start poking holes in the idea she earlier on held about him.

So expect her mental thought process to be go along the lines of “How come a guy of his status decided to settle for a lowly chick like me? He might as well NOT have been that great.”

You failed her first shit test, and which is the greatest of them all and one that you’ll never be able to redeem yourself from, when you settled for her despite being clear that you could have done so much better.

Settling for her only makes her think less of you, esp with the more she gets to know you. And to prove herself right, she’ll ramp up shit tests.

Her mission in life will be to bring you down to her level so she can at least have a sense of security or find an excuse to leave and continue hunting.

The same also explains why women resent betas. She already thinks very low of herself. Then you show up and worship her ass, making it pretty obvious that her place is likely to drop even further should she decide to settle for you.

Ever wondered why jerks treat different women differently? A jerk to one woman might be the sweet guy to another woman, and it’s all because jerks can see through a woman’s sense of self worth and reward accordingly.

So if she treats you like shit, then deep down that’s how you perceive yourself. Ditto for women. If you’re an alpha who settled for a chick with a very low SMV compared to yours. Then she’ll learn to resent you, ‘cause the act itself suggests that’s NOT how you view yourself.

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07 Jan


I once had sex with a fat chick who also happened to have a yeast infection. I still live with the regret despite it happening more than a decade ago.

That was like the 3rd time I had managed to sneak a chick into a room and get her naked. She had a cute face but one of the worst bodies I have ever seen.

Then her clothes came off and that was the first time my eyes halfheartedly rested on an unshaven clam, call it the hairiest pussy to ever walk the face of the universe. Wish I had taken a picture so I could flash it around whenever I feel like punishing myself for something.

Then the stench came as I hinged closer and I almost barfed. It was like being in a locked room with an open trash can full of dog shit mixed up with a dead rat. Think stone-age level of grooming.

I have yet to smell something as vile and disgusting as that to this date.
What I regret is that I still got to take out a year of my pent up sexual frustration on her despite all that, and worse, she almost got me to go down on her.

It took me a year and a half to get that smell out of my mind, and convince myself that vaginas aren’t that bad.

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06 Jan

How to React When Your Relationship is Being Threatened by a Man Better than You

I have been friends with girls whose boyfriends felt threatened by my presence. Some even went to an extent of giving them the ultimatum to have me dropped or watch the relationship suffer.

I have also been on the threatened end. One of my exes did ask me to accompany her to a party she was invited while we were still dating, and the first thing she did when we got there was introduce me to some jacked up guy who from a casual glance was everything better than me.

He was better dressed and I couldn’t match him up in terms of looks. I for once felt threatened. I could see myself losing the chick to him.

Then we got to hang out, and the more I got to know him, the more I realized I was so much better than him, and the more I became less insecure whenever I saw him palling up with my gal.

The guy rocked in terms of looks and dressing, but lacked the charm which apparently was my biggest asset.

I’m NOT trying to imply that this will always be the case. If anything I know guys who are better looking, make more money and are way more fun to talk to compared to me .

They’re simply what I’m trying to achieve. And would I feel threatened if it happens they’re befriending a chick I’m spinning, esp one that I have developed some sort of attachment to?

Of course yes.

But what really matters is how you handle the situation. You appear threatened and you’ll be communicating a low SMV.

Chicks know this and will some time do it deliberately, as a shit test. A common one is a chick snapping up with a guy she considers high value and uploading it on social media then waiting to weigh your reaction.

You make the mistake to confront her or appear butt hurt and she’ll perceive you as low value, and which to her comes as an opportunity to branch swing higher.

One thing I also learned is that you don’t talk down a guy who hasn’t tried to AMOG you. If anything, uttering a simple statement like “I like him” is 10 times better and more alpha than chiming in with negative comments about him.

Ditto for an LTR’s ex boyfriend. If it’s clearly he was higher value, then trying to put him down will only lower your value in her eyes. If an LTR brings him up in positive light, the best response should be “he sounds like a really cool guy.”

I would still do the same when the LTR says something negative about him. Instead of agreeing with whatever she’s saying I’d response with “there must been something cool about him. Otherwise you wouldn’t have dated.”

The harsh reality is that you’re NOT the coolest of the guys your GF will be meeting during your time together. AAF, you’re lucky if she considers you higher value than her boss.

But unless these people try to be asshole to you, you just don’t get to put them down, ever. You don’t win a chick over by bringing down the competition you have, but by demonstrating an insouciant higher value.

If I remember clearly, an ex once called me and told me how she thinks her current boyfriend is hotter than me. Guess she expected me to fold . But I didn’t. Instead I was like “make sure you don’t screw him up. That might be the only opportunity you’ve got to date someone hotter.”

There’s nothing we can do to square out the injustice of the universe serving us with the bad genes. It’s either you knuckle down and compensate it with something else, or suck it up and go on with minding your business.

If you’re in a social setting, the best thing to do when you spot a much better guy chumming up with a chick you’re spinning is to go talk to him. Beta guys try to avoid guys who are better than them, but alpha guys recognize realness and wouldn’t mind stretching out their hands and offering friendship.

And never forget the fact that the only way to keep your girl attracted to you is to work on yourself and improve where necessary. Eat healthy and hit the gym if you feel threatened by his muscles. You even have a better chances of making it happen by hitting up the guy and asking him for some primers on how to go on about it.

In short, you must train yourself NOT to let it bother you. She goes, she goes. The new improved you probably puts you in an even more favorable position to find someone better.

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05 Jan

Marriage is Only Good for Women

Marriage only serves the whims of women, NOT men. We pay dowry ‘cause that’s one thing that’s supposed to keep us hooked in–even after realizing there’s nothing we’re gaining from it, we can’t just walk out ‘cause we were made to invest heavily in it.

So yes, we pay dowry to tie us down to women we wouldn’t have second thoughts leaving had we NOT invested in them.

Another reason people get married is to raise kids in a nuclear family setting. Other than that there’s NO other reason, apart from being constantly supplied with sex, why any man with a sane mind would want to tie himself down to a woman with a marriage certificate.

People will talk about the joy of having someone to face the harshness of this world with. But we all know that almost never happens in reality.

Plus you don’t wife someone to make them part of your world. Not when the same can be achieved with an LTR that you only get to meet once in a while and fuck.

Once she convinces you to marry her, she wins and you forever become her slave. It’s doesn’t matter how confident or alpha you are. If anything, her marrying an alpha is an icing on the cake as it goes to mean she’d have succeeded in snagging herself an alpha slave.

In marriage everything you do or say has to be pleasing to your wife. But what do you get in return– vanilla sex, when you could be out there enjoying variety.

And even when things are normal, there will always be some part of your brain that reminds you that she might leave you someday. Let’s just face it–when you screw things up or lose that job, she’ll walk away. And there will be women telling her how she deserves to be happy.

You don’t just get to spend a night outside if you’re married. Nor work late.

Now, as a man on a leash, don’t even think about saying NO about that thing she asked. Everything you do screams divorce should you fail to play by her tune.

Sex isn’t consensual if it’s NOT happening on her terms. You force anything and you know who’s gonna be on your case? Fida.

Suffice it to say that marriage only makes you a mean to her end. She gets a house when she moves in with you, and which she’ll be decorating the way she sees fit. Then she uses your money to buy whatever she pleases, and wouldn’t stop at that without seeing to it that the little crumb snatchers are raised the way she wants.

The law also has her back should things go side ways. The law has her back despite being hip to the fact that the reason you’re separating is ‘cause you found out she’s been fucking some other dude on the side.

And she can’t just leave. You have to give her a half your assets, house, kids and yeah alimony.

There’s a time when marriage was good, and men looked forward to it. Then urbanization happened and bred feminism. Now it’s only good for women.

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04 Jan

Sexual Partners and Sexual Dominance

Those looking to take the marriage route or get into an LTR, the safest bet will be to go for a partner with the lowest number of past sexual partners. Bonus point if the partner is 23 years old and yet to cross the rubicock.

Reasons abound. I remember touching on the same here a while back. So I’m just adding another point, and which happens to be so important to go unmentioned.

A relationship or marriage is more likely to succeed if the man is the most dominant one in the said LTR or marriage.

Where a woman happens to register a higher notch count compared to the man, there’s a higher likelihood that the relationship will fail.

And this is mostly because the woman will still be harboring feelz for the most dominant man she ever gave access to her secret garden, not unless the man in office puts in more effort to outdo all the men she’s ever been with.

But in the event that he becomes subordinate to all the men the chick fucked before him, then it’s far likely he will wind up in a submissive state that would morph into a cuckold fetish, the result of which sex begins to be less enjoyable.

A case in point, you’re a guy who wifed a chick who in her sexual prime fucked close to 50 guys. These guys all had her when she was at her most attraction–or quite differently, when she was a better sex stimulant than she is now.

For you to be the sexually dominant in that relationship, then you have to be the top gun among the 50 guys she fucked during her lilly padding days.

Goes on to show that the chances of you being the most dominant sexual partner in your relationship become slimmer the longer her sexual history runs.

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