02 Jan

4 Books to read on the Month of January, 2018

As the year starts, I suggest you develop a culture of reading at least 1 book per week. That makes a total of 4 books a month, which means by the time the year ends you’d have read about 52 books.

I understand you got limited time on your hand, but you can make an effort of reading a few pages a day—a few pages in the morning, a few during your lunch break, and a few pages before you retire to bed, then just dedicating an hour or two during the weekend to finish up the whole books.

Been doing this so I know it’s humanly possible, unless you’re one hell of a lazy fuck.

You can order the books from Amazon or buy them from a local bookshop if they’re available. These are the options I endorse, ‘cause come on! It’s time you started making enough money to afford shelling out $10 a week for a book that’s gonna change your life.

But if you’re really that broke, then you can just run the title on Google search enclosed in quotes followed by “free pdf,” and then proceed to click on the links presented to download them. Torrents should also help (try qtorrent.in if you can’t find them anywhere else).

Whatever you decide on, make an effort to read these four books before the month ends. Then after four weeks, I’ll run another list with a set of four books for you to read. Same trend for subsequent months until the year ends.

Here’s my list:

  1. The Married Man Sex Life Primer (MMSLP) by Athol Kay
  2. The Power of Now by Ekhart Tole
  3. The Second God Sex Methods by Daniel Rose
  4. The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowlands


I understand some of you have already read some of the books on the list. But since it doesn’t hurt reading them again, then go ahead and fucking do it.

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4 Comments on "4 Books to read on the Month of January, 2018"

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Beta slinger

Haven’t read any. Thanks for the suggestion.


Read MMSLP about a year ago. Great read but too much purple pill stuff.

Chief Upskirter.

Thanks tips. You’re one one of the few bloggers I know that blog to genuinely help the likes of us who need help. I owe you a big one.

Beldine Ratemo

I’mma read book number 2 and 4. The rest appear like books for men. You always forget you got female readers among your audience.

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