Nothing Justifies Slutiness

A self-loathing suicidal slut on a pity prowl is among the top things trending in the country. Her name is Catherine Njeri, and goes on record for being the girl who did 100 men within a span of 4 years after one of her campus mates whose room she had visited for night studies decided to blast her clam.

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This would shortly after see to it that she enrolls as an escort and co-stars in a local porn flick that would wind up as the talk of her campus.

Now  Catherine is back and on a mission to prove that all men are evil and again culpable of all of her adversities.  She had no choice in whatever happened to her and no matter the number of times she tried making the right decision, men always found a way to make her lower her standards.

In addition to the metric number of guys she lowered her panties for, her story traces one recount of her overly degraded sexual standards; to wit, when she ‘reluctantly’ did a farmhand.

It’s NO secret the writer of the post is among those who Catherine

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From the Beta Archives of Failbook

Posts like this abound on Fakebook, and it’s easy to tell by the nature of its content that the simp behind this gauzy humbug is yet to lay his eyes on a real-time cream-pied female genital.

He’s probably just seen the Holywood side of women, having bought into the idea that women are completely virtuous, if NOT delicate objects of fantasies that must be pampered and protected all the time from men whose intentions aren’t very different from his. 

But if someone made a reality TV of what men in the lives of these chicks go through, then I can only imagine the disappointment in this guy’s face.

Guys of his ilk play clueless to the fact that these girls are NO angels, but humans, with motives and insatiable sex drives too.  Their lusters also wane with time and their innocent countenance doesn’t in any way suggest their lack of sexual interest like the guys love to assume.

They may appear sweet during the day, but when lights go off, you’d be surprised by how fast these girls transform into

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Sonko cuckolded

A nice, LSMV man in an LTR with a woman with more options is a man waiting to be cuckolded. They wouldn’t admit to it, but women hold seething resentment for guys that rely on white-knighting to woo them to bed.

It’s for this reason that married women with betas for husbands throw themselves at the first jerk that happens to show interest in bedding them.

And women are anything, but sugar and spice. She knows her beta boyfriend won’t slake her on sexually, but she wouldn’t let go ‘cause she needs him for beta commitment and funding while her vag hungers after an alpha dick.

Women crave for an alpha dick quite as much as men crave for a fresh snatch after smashing the one they’re with a dozen times. And when an opportunity to fool around with one presents itself, marriage vows or the repercussions to follow are NOT going to stop her.

A woman in a relationship with a beta guy is a sexually malnutritioned woman. She might argue in defense of the contrary or get you into believing that she’s NOT capable of cheating out of respect for what you’ve been doing for her, but deep

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A New Opener I Pulled out of Thin Air

Ran this routine to a 19 year old buxom chick from Coast and the results were spectacular.

Spotted her in the company of a friend I know. Following the 3 seconds rule, I approached her right away without even thinking about what to say.

Me: (Ignoring pleasantries and the friend, and addressing the chick).

Saw you from the other corner and I think I’m already in love with you. Something like love at first sight.

Her: Nah. You’re NOT. You barely know me.

Me: Then how do we label this funny feeling I have?

Her: I don’t know. But it’s certainly NOT love.

Me: Maybe it’s the opposite of love. Or love at its most initial stages. Or we should just say it’s NOT yet grown to be love exactly.

Her: That’s funny.

Me: Yea. And if I may ask, what’s the opposite of love.

Her: Hate… I guess

Me: Not really. The opposite of love is indifference.

(I then went ahead to explain it to her)

 Indifference is defined as

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3 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Marry in Your 20s

I’m a just few years shy of 30. Not contemplating marriage, but if I ever feel the need for it, then I’ll wait until I’m at least 36 years of age to even think about it.

I have made all the silly mistakes guys make in their 20s. But NO regrets; learned a lot in the process.

I have fallen in love, been a victim of an one-itis, hated myself, been hurt, or better, I have gone through almost everything a typical guy goes through in life before finally finding his bearing. To cut a long story short, my 20s have been a long wild journey whose events have all played part in shaping up who I am.

From my ongoing out-of-wedlock fornications, I have only put one chick in the pudding club. There could be more baby mamas out there, but at the moment, this is the only one I’m aware of. So I guess that merits me the right to call myself, a father.

It bears repeating that my 20s have been more of a learning trajectory. It’s

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