When a Girl is hell-bent to know your Religious or Political Stand

Wrote this article based on some experiences I have had in the past. In retrospect, sometimes back when I was rediscovering myself and, in the process, shifting some of my religious viewpoints, I had to endure a celibacy period of roughly six months simply because I didn’t know how to withhold myself from getting into arguments with girls whose beliefs didn’t comport with my new found enlightenment.

I had this annoying habit of yapping about the inconsistencies in the Bible and Quran, calling on bullshit anything that failed to beat logic in the grand scheme of things.

Little did I know my continuous prattling on religious matters was scaring off most of the girls, until several months later when my heightened blue balls forced me to start pretending to be like everyone else! And there, my sex life was restored back to normal. Girls started finding my vibe alluring.

If your religious belief isn’t tangential to what the girl believes in, well and good, that inches you closer to her snatch.

For reasons relating to compatibility issues, girls have this weird, hell-bent curiosity of wanting to know where you stand

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Never Take Dating Advice From a Woman… But You Can Make an Exception on This

A woman spitting nugget… very hard to come by, but once in a while a dating advise worth taking seriously slips out of a woman’s mouth, and we, the male readers at fabbo.tips, can’t help but acknowledge the kind of devotion such women put in uplifting the boy child.

Let me belabor on the points she made.

Addressing anyone with a penis,

“if you want to advance financially”

Which man wouldn’t want that? We all know what money can do. We all know the kind of babes we would be fucking if money was no longer an issue.

We don’t need the money to buy hookers or engage in some quid pro quo with sugar babies. Every ardent follower of this blog knows that they’d still get laid without the money. But then, we need resources—a nice apartment and, of course, a car to sneak some of the hotties we pull into our man cave without attracting prying eyes.

Although banal, Faridah advice on men trying to hog some puntang for

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Female Hamsterization

I’m always assuming my readers know about the PUA terms that I use on this blog. But I got nothing to apologize for as all their definitions can be found on urban dictionary.

Here are two alternative links to use if you happen to fall among the bunch that lurk around but don’t understand a damn thing I post: Link 1 and Link 2.

That aside, I find today’s topic fun.

Female hamsterization, a term describing how women rationalize some of the bad decisions they make. It’s the term that best describes both the mechanization and undercurrents of a chick’s sporadic indulgence in bad behavior.

Every time a woman has sex with a guy for the first time, she first has to consult her hind brain for an acceptable reason window dressing her bad behavior. Speaking of which if the reason processed isn’t acceptable to both her and her friends, she will be left with no option but to want out.


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Attracting Women by Admitting a Vulnerability about Yourself

My google-fu is pretty good. I sometimes come across stuff I can bet most of you will never find given a  life time.

So yesterday, during my usual browsing, I came across an article whose topic piqued my interest.

It was the story of the late Richard Ramirez (or the “Night Stalker” as he was also referred), one of the world’s most dreaded serial killer turned a female magnet after his conviction.

Among the women competing for his attention, there’s Doreen Lioy, who claims she fell in love after seeing his mug shot on TV. And, as with all Hybristophiliacs, she points out that there was something in his eyes that made her gina go tingly. “It was his vulnerability”, she perceives.

You may want to read about Richard Ramirez first to know what type of a horrifying killer we’re talking about here.

For the record, Lioy’s actions

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Are You Single?

My blogging hasn’t been consistent of late. It was a while back but I stopped posting on a regular basis because my initial plan was to focus on local pick up rather than regurgitating the same ol’ stuff already filling up the red pill eco-chamber.

So I took a break trying to figure out the right direction to swing by.

N0t yet at it, but I have a story that I thought would kill the ennui of you visiting the blog and finding that I haven’t posted anything new… again.

It goes like this.

I was hanging in the studio with a group of beta guys I know when this girl who has friend-zoned one of the guys walks in accompanied by a friend of hers–a petite, dark-skinned college girl that I’d rate a #7.

The girls proceed to greet everyone before plopping on a couch at the further corner from where

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