03 Jan

Alpha Gaze and Walk

Try practicing this and see the magic.

The alpha walk comes naturally once you’ve build enough confidence. But there’s nothing wrong with faking it until it’s all natural.

Start by maintaining a ramrod straight posture while walking, with your chest puffed up a little bit. Your head should be up, straight up facing the horizon with every step you make. It’s like you’re looking straight into people without paying much attention to them or what’s happening around you.

You can even blend it with some beta baits, where you walk gazing down as if you’re shy, then after a few steps you raise your head and maintain the straight alpha walk posture.

Chances are you’ll be meeting people who’ve mastered the walk and aren’t afraid to maintain it no matter how hard you look through their eyes. Whatever you do, you don’t get to be the first to drop the gaze. You instead raise your head and burst a greeting, nodding upward.

In case they’re the first to greet you, you also respond in a deep voice, nodding upwards.

For good looking gals just lock eyes with those bold enough to look straight at you. But most of the times, you can expect that they’ll be dropping their faces to give a submissive vibe.

If a girl is able to maintain a gaze, then that goes to show that she has you registered in her mind. You can give her a mild smile and say hi as she passes, or use an ‘excuse me’ if you wish to open her and stack.

As for how you walk, the trick is to walk with your dick leading. Always imagine there’s a chick bending over in front of you, and you’re right behind her humping her doggy.

Bear in mind that all this will flow naturally the more you lift and learn to connect with people.

If you notice your self esteem dropping and that you’re about to fold, just remind yourself that nobody matters and keep going.

02 Jan

4 Books to read on the Month of January, 2018

As the year starts, I suggest you develop a culture of reading at least 1 book per week. That makes a total of 4 books a month, which means by the time the year ends you’d have read about 52 books.

I understand you got limited time on your hand, but you can make an effort of reading a few pages a day—a few pages in the morning, a few during your lunch break, and a few pages before you retire to bed, then just dedicating an hour or two during the weekend to finish up the whole books.

Been doing this so I know it’s humanly possible, unless you’re one hell of a lazy fuck.

You can order the books from Amazon or buy them from a local bookshop if they’re available. These are the options I endorse, ‘cause come on! It’s time you started making enough money to afford shelling out $10 a week for a book that’s gonna change your life.

But if you’re really that broke, then you can just run the title on Google search enclosed in quotes followed by “free pdf,” and then proceed to click on the links presented to download them. Torrents should also help (try qtorrent.in if you can’t find them anywhere else).

Whatever you decide on, make an effort to read these four books before the month ends. Then after four weeks, I’ll run another list with a set of four books for you to read. Same trend for subsequent months until the year ends.

Here’s my list:

  1. The Married Man Sex Life Primer (MMSLP) by Athol Kay
  2. The Power of Now by Ekhart Tole
  3. The Second God Sex Methods by Daniel Rose
  4. The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowlands


I understand some of you have already read some of the books on the list. But since it doesn’t hurt reading them again, then go ahead and fucking do it.

01 Jan

“Need a Break to Figure Things Out”

This statement gets flashed around once too often, by both sexes. Dudes use it when they want their way out but are too wimpy to be straight forward about it. Plus they’re pussy-whipped and just fear entertaining the thought of some other dude doggy pounding their about-to-be ex.

As for chicks, the statement is pulled when there’s another man in the wing, and they just want permission to go fuck him or a couple of other dudes without feeling guilty about it. You also get to serve as their security blanket in case things fail to work out on the other side.

If a girl tosses the statement to you, don’t bother negotiating or asking for the reasons. Her desires are dead and she’s NOT getting any dopamine fix from you. You lost your alpha cred long time ago and there’s nothing you can do to salvage the LTR.

The best respond should be “cool. But with me, I’m officially done. No breaks.” Say this as you leave and once you’re out that door never bother initiating contact. If anything that’s you cue to spin plates to your fill.

If she ever calls back talking about how sorry she is and how she misses you blah blah, DON”T fucking take her back.

Just tell her it’s not happening and nothing she says is gonna make you change your mind.

You make the mistake of taking her back and she gonna screw you BIG TIME.

Some chicks are so fucked up in the head, you might NOT know to what extend they’ve chosen to indulge their self destructive habits. Your gf is already down this path. She’s beyond what you can influence, and since you can’t control her, consider the damage done and count your loss.

31 Dec

Stay the Fuck Out of My Contact Box if You GOT Nothing to Say


You wimpies should grow a spine and stop writing me those fagotty stuff.

I didn’t start this blog to massage anyone’s ego. You either like what I post and lap it up as is or GTFO.

Ain’t a grammar nazi, so pointing out a few grammar slip-ups with the intention to discredit what I post ain’t gonna help your course. And quit with the name calling, you fucking cunt of a grasshopper.

This blog is about keeping it as masculine as it’s mannishly possible, without giving two shits about things that don’t matter. And that’s what it’s always gonna be no matter how lofty and intelligent you try to come off in my contact section.

Here’s the thing, and my apologies for NOT making it known earlier, the contact section is limited to a section of my readers that offer suggestions as to what I should be blogging about, have genuine grammar concerns, wanna donate, and have non-gayish offers that they think will make me some money.

Feminists, gays, single mums, semi-illiterates, manginas, trannies, whores and chumps can lurk around all they want but it’s NOT like their presence gets to add any value to what we have going on around here.

If my articles did hurt your fragile feelings, kindly write to me and apologize or don’t write to me at all.

30 Dec

Try Turning Down Sex Once so Often

Went from being a yes man to every pussy that throws itself my way to a guy who turns down a shit ton of them. And I fucking enjoy it.

Granted, I have been using chicks of late to test redpill stuff—you know, kino, frame control, handling meltdowns and so forth. This means that I have had to pull off with some chicks before things escalated too far.

Switching my mind off a potential plate is easy for me ‘cause I easily get turned off and I’m also so focused on what I do that I almost never brawl over anything other than my work.

What surprises me is how these chicks handle the news. Come on, I’m used to getting rejected all the time and I can’t remember that one time I made a fuss about it. Turns out, some of these chicks have never been rejected before. Guys fawn over them, orbiting around them and waiting to make that big strike that will never be.

So these chicks walk around thinking they have attained consciousness, and that no mortal man, running on blood and water can actually resist their charm. Wrong!

Here’s some little trick you can use on some HB you suspect has never been rejected her entire life, and which serves to draw her back to reality, and doubles as a great way for you to take your discipline to a whole new level.

Game her like you’d game any girl out there—approach, establish rapport, build comfort, escalate and seduce. Works best if you can get her to go out with you at night and thereafter get her to leave with you to your place.

Works even better to a chick you’ve known for a while and one you’re pretty sure will fuck you in a snap given the right logistics.

So you go out then head back to your place. But upon getting there, you make it known that she’ll be using the guest room (too bad if you live in a one-bedroom or bed sitter. This is NOT a trick for you. Go hussle).

Most of the times she’ll insist on having your room, of which you just respond with a stern NO. No explanation.

Don’t try this if you don’t have an abundant mentality or if you’re outcome dependent, ‘cause I’ll be hard for you to see it through, plus there are so many chances of it backfiring.

For instance, some of the chicks may decide to play it cool and bid you a lovely night. Whereas some may get so riled up that they may decide to get an uber and just go home.

So you might want to make sure that the girl is super drunk, like half seas over and very horny at the same time.

For a great majority of the girls, they’ll just force their way into your bedroom and insist that they’re NOT sleeping alone. Don’t drug them out. Instead just crawl to the bed and sleep without initiating anything. No touching or talking. It’s like you just want to sleep and nothing else.

But before you get to that, make sure she knows you don’t fuck drunk girls. You can utter something like “I’d have done you. But you’re stupid drunk and I just don’t fuck drunk girls.

Some will try to grab your junk. Remove her hand and continue sleeping if she does this.

Most probably she’ll grab her phone and start texting, facebooking or even try waking you up, telling you how she’s sobered up or NOT really drunk.

Insist on her going to the guest room if she can’t let you sleep in peace.

She’ll go nuts. Yell at you and even try to remind you about the number of people who’ll jump at an opportunity to fuck her. Just hold your frame and continue sleeping. Eventually she’ll accept that it’s not going to happen and fall asleep, too.

So you both fall asleep, but immediately you wake up, you call out her name and tell her that you changed your mind and then proceed to give her the bang of her life.