05 Dec

Dominance in the Manosphere

It’s no news that women are more attracted to a dominant man, quite the same way they’re repulsed to the betas at their beck and call.

The problem is with people’s interpretation of dominance, esp. in marriage. You’re NOT dominant when all you’re doing is battering your wife or shutting her off every time she tries to vent, which happens to be the most womanly way she’ll be expressing herself when she wants to pump up some tension in your relationship. Neither does dictating everything in house makes you dominant.

If anything dominance starts with you being dominant over yourself. The first instance a dominant man is ever dominant is when he learns to be his own micromanager. In other words, you just can’t dominate other person’s life when you’re first NOT the domineering force in your own life.

Dominance and discipline go hand in hand. You instill discipline by dominating, but instilling discipline when you’re NOT disciplined yourself is pretense.

You simply don’t want others to do what you failed to do in the first place, NOT because you lack the capacity to do, but because you’re NOT disciplined enough to see it through.

Dominance is what makes a person a leader or what we commonly refer in the manosphere as the alpha male.

There can be two dominating forces in marriage, and as long as each force knows how to stay in its lane, then the marriage should work.

A dominant man is also the man in charge or one who owns his shit. The On Your Shit attitude has been widely publicized in the manosphere ‘cause that’s the first step to real dominance.

Alpha males do make mistakes. The difference they have with their beta counterparts is that they’ll go ahead and own their shit. A mistake happens and it’s their mistake, instead of looking for a scapegoat. Neither do they run or look for a temporal solace when shit hits the fan.

Dominant men are also in charge of their ego and pride. They might NOT be the type that’s quick to say sorry, but they know how to correct their mistakes. They also know when it’s convenient to swallow it, and when it’s convenient to pull it when a situation calls for it.

In marriage, you’re dominant when you’re true to your goals, part of which is to make the marriage you’re in work.

You’re also dominant when the marriage you’re in doesn’t stand in the way of you doing what you want. In other words, you are your own judge and the determiner of what’s morally right to you.

So basically dominant men are their own men first before they’re men to those they’re in a relationship with.

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