30 Nov

Female Hamsterization

I’m always assuming my readers know about the PUA terms that I use on this blog. But I got nothing to apologize for as all their definitions can be found on urban dictionary.

Here are two alternative links to use if you happen to fall among the bunch that lurk around but don’t understand a damn thing I post: Link 1 and Link 2.

That aside, I find today’s topic fun.

Female hamsterization, a term describing how women rationalize some of the bad decisions they make. It’s the term that best describes both the mechanization and undercurrents of a chick’s sporadic indulgence in bad behavior.

Every time a woman has sex with a guy for the first time, she first has to consult her hind brain for an acceptable reason window dressing her bad behavior. Speaking of which if the reason processed isn’t acceptable to both her and her friends, she will be left with no option but to want out.

It’s her hind brain that features a hamster, which is known for spinning on its wheels to churn out acceptable reasons that justify whatever bad behavior she engages in.

In the event that she has limited time to make the decision or she’s so enamored to even think right, the hamster has to spin even faster to come up with an acceptable reason, however crazy it is. It’s like women cheating their system when they’re determined to have sex with a man they’re deeply attracted to.

Players know about hamsters and the psyops to make it spin even faster when they want to get them into bed.

The hamsterized reasons these girls come up with don’t need to make any logical sense, as long as it can block them from seeing the consequence of whatever it is that they’re about to do.

Here are some examples of some of the hamsterized bad decision girls make all the time:

  1. Bad decision

Meets an alpha guy who sweeps her off her feet. She overlooks all the red flags or the player vibe the guy is giving. Decides to have sex with him, regardless.


The guy uses her as a pump and dump. He won’t even pick her calls.

Hamster rationalization

I only fucked him ‘cause I was drunk.

  1. Not Really a Bad Decision

She’s a virgin and so much into you. She wants to fuck you but the logical part of her brain tells her NO or she should at least give it some time. She decides to ignore it completely and give in to your demands.

Hamster Rationalization

He’s the love of my life. There’s nothing wrong with having sex with the person you love.


She has to deal with the guilt of losing her virginity too soon to you.

  1. Bad decision

I just made a pact with myself NEVER to date broke guys. She then embarks on a cum-gobbling spree trying to net a rich guy.


She’s the subject of one night stands. Or gets pumped and dumped all the time ‘cause the guys she’s trying to date have too many options to even consider her an LTR prospect.

Hamster’s rationalization

All men are dogs.

  1. Bad Decision

She’s married to a beta guy she resents. To satisfy her unattended to sexual appetite, she gets into a side relationship with an alpha guy who fucks her good.


Her cheating is discovered.

Hamster Rationalization

He wasn’t paying me enough attention. Or, he always forgot to shut the bathroom door after using it. Or (pilfered from two and a half men), he was sucking the life out of me with his excessive nice guy vibe. I wasn’t in love with him anyway.

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