19 Dec

Women and Reality Avoidance

Saw this story and thought I should share.

I’m rewriting it verbatim to skirt Google’s double content penalty. Unlike the other stories I have written before, I can’t confirm the veracity of this one ‘cause it’s NOT me and I also don’t know the OP on a personal level.

Two days ago I wrote an article about women being pathological liars who still believe they always tell the truth. Women lie to themselves and to the men they’re with all the time. But will never admit to it, even to themselves ‘cause that’s their nature. Well, this story just confirms it.


The OP (original poster) receives a call from a married FWB who seems distressed and wants to talk

Turns out the husband is suspecting she’s fucking someone on the side and he’s so fucking pissed about it.

So they hook up for drinks, just to talk as they try to reconnect and reflect upon their past moments and of course fuck after that.

She’s just coming back from her trip to California, which she went with her two single GFs in tow. Her ex boyfriend also happens to live in California, so the friend suspects he’s the reason behind their Cali trip.

The slutty wife goes on to talk about how her husband never knew that her ex actually lived in Cali, and that she only found about it just the other day and was completely hulked out. He in fact called her yelling over the phone, calling her all sorts of whorish names.

She’s used to the guy whining, and she’s therefore pretty sure there’s nothing he can do. So she’s not bothered much about.

She then goes on to talk about how her husband has no right to yell at her or make her life that hard when all she’s been doing is being loyal to him.

The friend doesn’t care about that or her trip to Cali as he’s NOT invested much in the relationship. So he’s just listening to the conversation and maintaining his cool.

He teases her about the number of times he’s held her legs near her ears while fucking her and how she’s one of the most loyal fucks he’s got.

That’s when she goes “oh that doesn’t really count. I meant he can trust me except for you.”

Well there goes a woman’s definition of loyalty. She can’t be guilted about being unfaithful ‘cause according to her, she’s faithful to her husband by only allowing herself to be fucked by two guys while putting a stop to the rest.


Lesson drawn: Women lie all the time. Both to others and to themselves. And the only reason they’re doing this is to shirk responsibilities and convince themselves that they’re just NOT as evil.

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Yow Tips, True true true… My ex was a pathological liar too and the OP’s story is very similar to mine, except that I was the victim. I suggest you make a series of articles about women lies. Something like how to know when a woman is lying, how to act when you find out she’s lying, how to screen out for lies, and so forth…

I also agree. Got an ex who is married and who we started chatting with not long ago. I initiated the chat just to check on her then ask her about how her marriage life is. She’s like yeah everything is fine, just a bit boring and hectic some times. I try to end the conversation by succinctly telling her that things are gonna work out. the next thing i see is her text saying how much she misses being fucked by me. I’m like you’re married and shouldn’t be fucking anybody else other than your hubby. That’s when she… Read more »

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