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She Wants to Ride the Carousel; Don’t Stop Her

You don’t wanna skip this if your wife is in her 20s and in college. Read this bearing in mind that she’s NOT really married, but trapped.

You had her in her sexual prime, then accidentally or deliberately, knocked her up, the result of which, you were forced to take her in. Now the beta part of your brain has you convinced that you’re married, and that, that relationship is actually going to last a life time.

Well, it might—but for the most part, that depends on whether most of her friends are fellow college mates busy riding the carousel or married women enjoying their marriage life.

If it’s the latter, she’s there to stay, but as for the other case, she’s NOT married but ensnared.

The same goes to those who’ve cleared college and are in a ‘serious’ LTR with college girls—just know, she’s NOT LTR-ing, but trapped.

What I’m basically doing is judging the fate of the relationship you have based on the kind of friends she keeps.

If the friends she keeps are the free-spirited, hitch-like carousel riders, rest assured she’s got hang ups about her sexuality and some doubt about her place in the sexual market.

She wants to explore, live vicariously and hop on cocks like a pogo stick, and of course take a break from the vanilla missionary sex you’re getting her used to. That’s NOT to say she’s NO modest girl. Neither does it imply the opposite.

Here are the two possibilities.

She could be modest, but her vaj wants to explore the other side. Or she could be just like them, and misses being around people who are just like her.

Neither of them is good.

But you still have a chance of pulling her off from the infinite deep pit she’s about to get into if she’s the former. As for the latter case, start counting your losses.

So basically this girl has a good thing going on, one which her friends are obviously envious of. But the grass is greener on the other side, and she’s saddled by a man who’s her only obstacle from crossing over.

So subconsciously she’s already made up her mind about wanting her way out. Of course there will be some part of her brain warning her about the consequences to come, like hitting the wall after riding the carousel or losing a good man.

This might stretch out her stay. But since everything is happening on the subconscious level, she might NOT be aware of the real reason behind her actions.

She’ll double up the number of orbiters, and even become careless hiding the messages she swaps with them.

All this is done deliberately, but on a subconscious level to a point that she’s NOT even aware of the driving force behind the actions.

She wants her way out, but for some reason, she just can’t call it off. She’s parsed the risk involved, and to increase the odds of her getting a second chance should thing go awry on the other side, she’ll try and give you enough reasons to sever, instead of doing it herself.

A good number of them will try to pick out unnecessary fights, hoping you’ll be pushing it too far and getting violent in the process, and hoping to leverage the situation and buy their way out.

Others will simply just go and make out with another guy then come back and fess up about getting drunk and accidentally kissing another guy. Of course she made out with another guy, but the act went way beyond kissing.

But since women lie to save face and protect their interest, she’ll only talk about kissing. There’re guys who take such confessions at face value. They’ll be quick to forgive, and toss it aside; after all it was just a kiss.

What they don’t know is that that’s NOT the reaction the girl wanted. She wanted you to be infuriated by her confessions and call the relationship off, so she can have the freedom to leave and go riding.

She’s disappointed, and subconsciously still determined to end up the relationship.

Her next strategy will be to feign a pang of guilt. She’ll come to you soaking up in tears, guilting herself up for betraying your trust. She’ll be talking about how you’re such a good man and how her actions make her undeserving of a guy like you.

A good chunk of men will mistake her acting for empathy.

But all she’s doing is begging to get dumped. That’s the functionality purpose of all her actions, and which you couldn’t just see.

Her last trick will be pulling the disappearing act. Mostly she’ll be leaving to go and stay with her hedonistic friends whose lives she’s been admiring from the other side of the fence.

That marks the beginning of her carousel-ling.

But since the LTR left her with some doubts about her place in the sexual market, she’ll be religiously pulling an all out to elevate her looks, from lightening her skin and applying caked on makeup to social whoring and right swiping on tinder for the likes and attention.

At some point, in her quest to gobble up as many cocks as she can, she’ll begin missing the life she kicked behind. But since she’s still guilt ridden, she won’t be confident enough to go back and set things straight.

Instead, she’ll decide to get into an LTR with one of the guys she’s been riding and posting it everywhere in the hopes that you’ll stump upon it and out of jealous, make attempts to take her back.

Unfortunately for her, the relationship will die off faster than she had anticipated. She might even get into a number of them, all of which will end up with her getting disappointed.

The nostalgia will be too much this time that she may try to contact you, and in the event you block her attempts to bring back what she threw away—there goes a full blown cock carousel-ling.


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