10 Feb

Sonko cuckolded

A nice, LSMV man in an LTR with a woman with more options is a man waiting to be cuckolded. They wouldn’t admit to it, but women hold seething resentment for guys that rely on white-knighting to woo them to bed.

It’s for this reason that married women with betas for husbands throw themselves at the first jerk that happens to show interest in bedding them.

And women are anything, but sugar and spice. She knows her beta boyfriend won’t slake her on sexually, but she wouldn’t let go ‘cause she needs him for beta commitment and funding while her vag hungers after an alpha dick.

Women crave for an alpha dick quite as much as men crave for a fresh snatch after smashing the one they’re with a dozen times. And when an opportunity to fool around with one presents itself, marriage vows or the repercussions to follow are NOT going to stop her.

A woman in a relationship with a beta guy is a sexually malnutritioned woman. She might argue in defense of the contrary or get you into believing that she’s NOT capable of cheating out of respect for what you’ve been doing for her, but deep down she knows you’re NOT anywhere close to the options she would have settled for had things turned out otherwise.

In Sonko’s case, things make even more sense.

He’s a midget/dwarf. Other things held constant, and assuming he doesn’t have a whisky dick, this stature alone still lowers his market value at least two points down.

A good way to look at this is to imagine a Sonko without the career success. If NOT out of pity, how many women would want to be seen with him horsing around in public?

Worse he goes ahead to date a campus chick, unmindful of the fact that these chicks make their dating decisions based on the approval they get from their peers. It’s more of a show off to them. She definitely does NOT want to be christened the chick who screws a midget.

Now go back to imagining a Sonko with tight game. Every chick in her circle of friends would be dying to have his spunk in her, making him a man with options. This would have seen to it that the love rat of a chick is more proud of him, hence reduced chances of him getting cuckolded.

Another shoot in the feet was when he decided to settle for a doe-eyed chick from shagz. No chick feels the need to impress her peers or prove a point more than a chick that’s straight from Shagz. She’s a dido who certainly confided in her stealthy lover and group of friends that she’s only with Sonko ‘cause of the monetary favors she gets from him.

For what’s worth, let’s look at the different ways couples combine in a relationship.

In the first case scenario, we have a man with options and a woman with few options. It goes without saying that the man’s eyes will be wandering around, but the relationship is set to work as the man will have a peace of mind and the women will be happy to have finally netted a guy that many women swoon over.

On to the second case, which happens to be Sonko’s case; a man with fewer options settling for a woman with more options. Here, it’s the woman who will have a wandering eye. The husband will be insecure. And we all know where that leads.

The third case is where both the man and woman have equal options. This could be them having more options or them having fewer options. If it’s the former, the relationship will be more stable and the risk to be cheated on minimized.

If it’s the latter case, of course the relationship will be stable as NO one would take it as if they have done the other a favor. But both would be unhappy in it, even though infidelity would be at the bare minimal.

From everything said, I infer that a man with a wandering eye is less risky to a marriage or relationship compared to a woman with a wandering eye.

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Joan Ndeto

Feel sorry for him. But your advice is spot on. someone should tag him.

Ken Riani

Just an average chick. For all I know Sonko could have done much better had he just tried… Here’s a picture http://www.tabloidafrica.com/so-sad-sonko-caught-his-love-cheating-on-him/


Lemmie get a grain of salt to read this. Cosign with most of the things you post. But some are just off beam.


You one of my fave bloggers buh I’m reading this post and I’m like bruh you are brutally bold. Jesus Christ you would seriously jot down all that lol


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