21 Dec

The Easiest Way to Tell Your SMV

What’s the price of sex?

I’m NOT talking whores and stuff, but the price of getting a considerably modest woman to have sex with you.

Definitely NOT an easy question, but there’s a price on every tail you pull, whether directly or indirectly. And the more beta one is, the more it is overpriced.

The price of sex ranges from 0 to infinity. Whereas some women will let you sleep with them for absolutely nothing, there are those who will take you through costly hoops involving dinner, vacations, gifting, and direct handouts for a taste of their snatch.

Every pussy comes with a price tag (NOT a fixed one though), and the best bargaining power one can have is game.

With game you haggle down the most expensive tail to naught.  Just goes on to show that every woman has a value, and which happens to be the lowest she’s ever given sex for.

And taking into account the fact that every woman has at some point given sex for free, then the value of sex is actually zero.

So why spend to get sex?

Well, people spend to have sex ‘cause they’re compensating for lack of game or for falling far below in the sexual market place in the eyes of the underlying plate. A female 7/10 won’t make it expensive for a guy on her level and above it to hit it, ‘cause there’s nothing this guy is compensating for.

Read this keeping in mind that guys have a very different standard measurement for sexual market value, and which has little to do with looks.

The amount you pay for sex doesn’t necessarily have to be in monetary terms, but in the form of commitment and emotional support, as well.

So the best way to know your place in the sexual market is to start rating the woman you fuck without spending a dime on them. If you suspect you’re a 7, start going after 7s, and if they just can’t fuck you without getting you to commit or do something extra for them, then your SMV is actually less than 7. Keep going down or up until you get chicks that are willing to fuck you at zero cost, and there goes your SMV.

This with the exception of fucking single mums, women on the bad side of 30, women with esteem issues, and women with physical defects

Luckily for you, you can greatly improve your SMV by working on your game and overall social status.

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