17 Mar

Women Who Have Had Multiple Sexual Partners in the Past Tend to be Less Happy Once Married. A Study Confirms

I have said this before and I’ll say it again; female promiscuity can never be justified on the same scale as male promiscuity.

According to a recent study conducted by the National Marriage Project, women who have had multiple sexual partners in the past, tend to be less happy and dissatisfied with their marriages. Whereas men with a rich sexual history experience the stark opposite once they decide to settle down.

If the woman happens to have slept with one or two partners before marriage, there’s a 42% chance that she’d wind up in a happy marriage. But if the list of different cocks she has blown happens to be more than 10, then the odds will further drop to 22%.

However, for men, the number of women they have had a sexual encounter with in the past seem to carry no weight on how satisfied they are with their marriages.

Meaning, any woman in pursuit of a happy marriage should start going slow on the number of cocks she blows if she ever wishes to realize her dream of a happy marriage.

Personally I have had the experience of seeing a number of women with a dark sexual past lure a man into marriage, but since none of them confided in me on how they felt about their marriages, I might have assumed their outcome wasn’t contingent on the number of men they rode in the past.

But I have NEVER been this wrong. Now I see why many parents put more emphasis on their daughters’ abstinence then loosen up a bit on their sons’.

One sexual episode with that one man you’re NOT planning to tie a knot with can have a horrendous toll on your marriage if you’re woman. But none whatsoever if you’re a man. Another reason we think parents should start handling their baby girls on a leash once the A-cups show up.

But the same can’t be said about your male child. If anything men have the capacity to dole out their seminal juice to any willing sperm receptacle, and bury their past to have a blissful marriage.

They have the capacity to forget the large stream of women they had coitus with, whereas women, on the other end, can’t help bemoaning or pining over that one alpha male they had a one night break with even after several decades of marriage.

So while I’ll at any time vouch for a man with a promiscuous past into marrying my daughter (as with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love), I’ll NEVER let a woman wh0 have sampled a whole village of penises get any close to my son.

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