The 80/20 Rule Revisted

  • 11 months ago
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What a clueless and crooked way to belabor on the obvious.

Wrote about the Pareto principle sometime back, where carousers finally end up with the nice guys, while jerks end up marrying modest girls.

Kim rode the carousel at her sexual prime and there are video evidences to serve as proof. We only know of Kanye of being in a protracted relationship with Amber Rose and later on tying the note with Kim. He has no hedonistic history. Neither have we known him for rotating plates. So yea; he’s clearly a nice guy.

And thanks to this guy for proving the god of biomechanics right, and Kanye and Kim for serving as a global example that we can use to educate masses.

There’s nothing new here… Kim was a worldie in her sexual prime, and she went around gobbling every alpha dick she could find.

Her beauty soon started fading, and no amount of plastic surgery was enough to maintain the looks that first catapulted her to stardom. So she did what almost any near-wall carouser in her predicament could have done, pick a beta guy who admittedly has been harboring strong hots for her, and let him start caring for her.

That’s how the 80/20 rule works.

Jerks fuck these-soon-to-be wives to the nice guys at their most attractive. They then rule them out as wife prospects, in favor of the modest girls who never rode the carousel.

Nice guys end up with the bad bitches stringing with them a weighed down sexual history, and who’ll still be harboring strong sexual feelings for the alpha guys they used to ride when life was still fun to them.

That pretty much explains why many of these guys are getting cuckolded and why there are so many cases of divorce nowadays. And from a casual glance, it’s safe to say that almost all the cuckolds out there are the nice guys who married the love rats that are former cock carousers.

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