A Man Cheating vs. a Woman Cheating

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Men and women aren’t affected the same when cheated on.

This study explains the difference.

One hypothesis derived from evolutionary perspectives is that men are more upset than women by sexual infidelity and women are more upset than men by emotional infidelity.

From the study, it’s pretty clear that women would rather have you fuck someone else than have you fall in love with the person.

Whereas men would rather have their spouses fall in love with someone else than have them fuck the person.

That explains why it’s easy for a woman to stick with a cheating husband, but find it hard to entertain the thought of seeing her husband invest in another woman. It also explains why the first question a woman asks after discovering her husband’s infidelity is “do you love her,” and is immediately relieved when the husband says NO.

The study goes ahead to state the reasons:

The proposed explanation is that men, in contrast to women, face the risk of unwittingly investing in genetically unrelated offspring.

The reason is pretty straightforward. It pains us men even more when we imagine raising another man’s seed than losing our spouse to another man.

Goes to show how little sex means to women when feelings are NOT involved. You’ve probably heard the “it was just sex” hamster. She didn’t love him while fucking him, so she expects you NOT to be mad about it.

From an evolutionary standpoint, a man loving another woman puts in danger the future survival of the wife. Her interpretation is that by falling in love with another woman, you’ll no longer see the need to provide for her.

But if you only fucked her then made it clear to her that there were no feelings involved, she’ll feel bad about it, but she’ll be comforted by the fact that you still care enough for her to continue providing.

I still don’t advocate for men cheating. If you want to lead a hedonistic lifestyle or keep your eyes wandering, then I advise you NOT to marry.

Your only excuse to cheat and which I’ll support is when your wife continues to gives you shit despite every attempt to get her in line.

Instead of going around spinning plates and keeping a DB back at home with your wife, I suggest you work on bringing some life back to it.

My single readers also know that I don’t support copious low quality fucks. Instead of getting 20 HB5s that you’ll be losing the interest to fuck with every lay on rotation, I suggest you get one HB9 that you’ll be looking forward for another fuck with every lay.

That’s my standpoint as far as cheating is concerned.

As for women cheating, no woman deserves a second chance after mixing your sperms with that of another man. Treat her with the contempt she deserves when you catch her on the act, and make sure you go for a DNA test before complying with child support demands.


Use this link to read the full study report: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10508-014-0409-9#page-1

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