Advising a Woman

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Girls don’t like men who disturb the peace of their inner hamster. They just don’t warm up to advice, especially when it’s coming from a man they’re planning to sleep with.

Instead if they need advise they’ll go around shopping for the advice that they want to hear, and one which matches their own opinion and sets them on a moral high ground.

That’s why most of them prefer surrounding themselves with beta supplicants who agree with almost everything they do, while appeasing her ego and showering her with chaste compliments.

They can’t be helped as long as there are some chumps somewhere kowtowing to their whims and constantly reminding her that she’s a princess without a crown.

Far be it for any man who wants to sleep with a woman to call her out on her BS. Women are left with NO choice but to pass up on you the moment you throw a monkey wrench over their hamster gear with unsolicited advice.

The concept of morality is both elastic and situational to women. It’s as if they have no objective sense of what’s right or wrong, and no amount of advice, no matter how well it’s executed and packaged, is enough to make them develop this sense.

But there’s one way to make this work. Instead of making them the subject, point out as some other girl you both know and start pouring out pseudo-psychology about some of the things she does. That way she gets to lap up that advice indirectly and might even consider giving it a thorough thought later on after you part ways.

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