Alpha Gaze and Walk

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Try practicing this and see the magic.

The alpha walk comes naturally once you’ve build enough confidence. But there’s nothing wrong with faking it until it’s all natural.

Start by maintaining a ramrod straight posture while walking, with your chest puffed up a little bit. Your head should be up, straight up facing the horizon with every step you make. It’s like you’re looking straight into people without paying much attention to them or what’s happening around you.

You can even blend it with some beta baits, where you walk gazing down as if you’re shy, then after a few steps you raise your head and maintain the straight alpha walk posture.

Chances are you’ll be meeting people who’ve mastered the walk and aren’t afraid to maintain it no matter how hard you look through their eyes. Whatever you do, you don’t get to be the first to drop the gaze. You instead raise your head and burst a greeting, nodding upward.

In case they’re the first to greet you, you also respond in a deep voice, nodding upwards.

For good looking gals just lock eyes with those bold enough to look straight at you. But most of the times, you can expect that they’ll be dropping their faces to give a submissive vibe.

If a girl is able to maintain a gaze, then that goes to show that she has you registered in her mind. You can give her a mild smile and say hi as she passes, or use an ‘excuse me’ if you wish to open her and stack.

As for how you walk, the trick is to walk with your dick leading. Always imagine there’s a chick bending over in front of you, and you’re right behind her humping her doggy.

Bear in mind that all this will flow naturally the more you lift and learn to connect with people.

If you notice your self esteem dropping and that you’re about to fold, just remind yourself that nobody matters and keep going.

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