A New Opener I Pulled out of Thin Air

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Ran this routine to a 19 year old buxom chick from Coast and the results were spectacular.

Spotted her in the company of a friend I know. Following the 3 seconds rule, I approached her right away without even thinking about what to say.

Me: (Ignoring pleasantries and the friend, and addressing the chick).

Saw you from the other corner and I think I’m already in love with you. Something like love at first sight.

Her: Nah. You’re NOT. You barely know me.

Me: Then how do we label this funny feeling I have?

Her: I don’t know. But it’s certainly NOT love.

Me: Maybe it’s the opposite of love. Or love at its most initial stages. Or we should just say it’s NOT yet grown to be love exactly.

Her: That’s funny.

Me: Yea. And if I may ask, what’s the opposite of love.

Her: Hate… I guess

Me: Not really. The opposite of love is indifference.

(I then went ahead to explain it to her)

 Indifference is defined as lack of interest, sympathy or concern, which is exactly what you feel when you’re NOT in love with someone. You probably wouldn’t even cry if I or any of your exes you no longer care about got knocked over and croaked right AWAY.

The good thing is that you wouldn’t be indifferent to me if you got to know me. Meaning you’d have fallen in love with me.

Her: How sure are you I’m NOT in love with someone else?

Me: At least you’ve NOT known me to say you’re NOT in love with me. Guess this gets us back to where we started.

 (Had to change the subject)

……. …

And that’s how I opened her.


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