Are Kamba Ladies all they are Cracked Up to Be?

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I was NEVER one to write a post generalizing a tribe based on stereotypes, ‘cause I have always found it to be true that the attraction that exists between a girl and boy is what determines whether or NOT the sex gonna be explosive. The more they like each other the more they gonna enjoy the sex.

But the rumor floating about on how Kamba ladies have irresistible bedroom skills just makes the subject too damn interesting to brush aside.

Now I’m left to wonder if it’s just a rumor or there’s some significant amount of truth in it that makes it worthwhile holding a discussion on.

Reflecting on the little sexual interaction I have had with Kamba ladies, and trying to go through some of the experiences I have had with some of them, I couldn’t help but agree that Kamba ladies do make better lays.

And here are some of my reasons:

They are well lubricated

I couldn’t come up with a biological explanation for this but I did notice that most Kamba ladies are a-burst with natural vag lubricants that makes the initial thrust a tad easy compared to their counterparts who at times require that you part their vag lips first to gain access.

They’re always excited about getting on top

Of all the ladies I have had intercourse with, Kambas were a little more excited to get on top; and relieve me off the duty to ride them.

And it’s NOT like they were in some trial and error sort of shit. They all seemed to know what they were doing. Never for once was I afraid that my dick would hit their taint and break like some of the horrific stories I have read.

They are more open for anal sex

I have had a hard time convincing some of the girls I have been with that there’s nothing wrong with having butt sex. Save for the Kamba ladies who seemed to understand and be all okay with it.

Better Blow jobs

I’m NOT a big fan of blow jobs, and it’s all ‘cause most of the girls I get don’t really understand the fine nuances that makes a blow job be termed as good.

I don’t like to see saliva all over my pubes, with a little to none tongue pressure that adds to the whole pleasure of getting blown.

So until something is done to educate our ladies from the other tribes on the finer details entailing great blow jobs, I’ll only be welcoming blow jobs from the Kamba ladies and the foreigners I happen to fuck.

They are sex hungry

Unlike ladies from the other tribes who most of the time will be looking for someone they can pair up with for a relationship, Kamba ladies tend to be more open for physical interactions.

They’ll NEVER hide the fact that they too are into sex and enjoy it as much as we men do. They’re proud of their sexuality and a tad on the nympho side, which sort of makes you want to hammer them even harder.

Can have sex anywhere

Kambas can be banged from anywhere; woods, maize field, class room, mom’s couch or movie theatre.

They’re NOT restricted to bedroom sex.

They’re NOT clingy

The fact that a Kamba lady would be fucking more of you guys during the period of your relationship makes them easy to cut loose.

Though NOT exactly the type you’d want to cultivate something deeper that would lead to marriage, they make good candidates for casual flings. The type you’d only want to fuck then get on a flight mode when their nympho levels turn up to a point where you can’t actually keep up with.

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