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My blogging hasn’t been consistent of late. It was a while back but I stopped posting on a regular basis because my initial plan was to focus on local pick up rather than regurgitating the same ol’ stuff already filling up the red pill eco-chamber.

So I took a break trying to figure out the right direction to swing by.

N0t yet at it, but I have a story that I thought would kill the ennui of you visiting the blog and finding that I haven’t posted anything new… again.

It goes like this.

I was hanging in the studio with a group of beta guys I know when this girl who has friend-zoned one of the guys walks in accompanied by a friend of hers–a petite, dark-skinned college girl that I’d rate a #7.

The girls proceed to greet everyone before plopping on a couch at the further corner from where I’m seated.

I’m busy surfing the net on my laptop. My friend-zoned buddy moves to where they are and starts engaging them.

I take a look and notice that the friend appears left out. She’s glaring at her phone trying to avoid the uncomfortable milieu.

She appears like an easy lay to me. Plus I find her about an inch or two above everyone’s boner test (if their standards are that high). I have no doubt that someone else in the room has eye on her.

I’m in a stable LTR, so I think my game is a tad rusty as I haven’t had the time to practice it in the field for quite some time.

I seize this as an opportunity to put some of my almost blunt gaming skills into practice.

In situ, without moving an inch, I try to catch her stare. When I finally do, I raise my eyebrows before shouting loud enough to make everybody in the room shush for a second, “are you single.”

I have used this opener before. But burned and crushed most of the time.

And it’s NOT like I have a stacked up routine to follow it up with. Whatever her response would be, I’ll be winging up everything I say afterward.

She responds in the negative, “Not really,” — just like I had projected she would do.

“Too bad.”

“Why is it bad?” she inquires.

There’s a chair next to me so I motion her to come over.

“I’m yet to find out if it’s bad for you or him?”

She smiles before responding.

“It’s a happy relationship; I doubt he feels bad about it.”

“It must be bad for you then. See, you just missed the opportunity of making out with a far more interesting guy.”

“Who told you my guy is NOT interesting.”

“I really don’t want to get into the details of all that. I suggest we save it for another day. So tell me something about you that I can’t cold read.”

“You cold-read me”


I then go ahead and perform the big cube personality test.

She admits the test is spot on as all it says about her is true.

I can feel the sexual tension building up. I admit to her that I’m NOT good with relationships as I currently have that strong need to first improve other aspects of my life before I can finally decide to commit to anyone.

I could have escalated and directed the conversation to anywhere I’d have wanted to see it headed. But for some important reasons, I pulled off.

I’m counting three months since this happened.



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