Attracting Women by Admitting a Vulnerability about Yourself

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My google-fu is pretty good. I sometimes come across stuff I can bet most of you will never find given a  life time.

So yesterday, during my usual browsing, I came across an article whose topic piqued my interest.

It was the story of the late Richard Ramirez (or the “Night Stalker” as he was also referred), one of the world’s most dreaded serial killer turned a female magnet after his conviction.

Among the women competing for his attention, there’s Doreen Lioy, who claims she fell in love after seeing his mug shot on TV. And, as with all Hybristophiliacs, she points out that there was something in his eyes that made her gina go tingly. “It was his vulnerability”, she perceives.

You may want to read about Richard Ramirez first to know what type of a horrifying killer we’re talking about here.

For the record, Lioy’s actions weren’t necessitated by her stupidity. If anything, she’s a BHS graduate, very independent with a job as a freelance magazine editor.

Some would argue that her actions were goaded by her thirst for media attention. But then, that could have come clear after a few years of them being together. But all we get to see is a woman in love, willing to bet her life on her husband’s innocence.

This brings us to today’s topic: attracting women by admitting a vulnerability about yourself.

Women are attracted to a man who’s an emotional rock. But at the same time, they want to see a vulnerability that they can use to get closer to him.

Going full-on hardcore will of course get you laid. But showing at least one weakness to a woman you’re pursuing is good for enhancing the tension as it gives her something she can invest on.

Plus being an all-time badass makes you appear like a faker or try-hard. The point is: DON’T let your asshole-ry make women start questioning its authenticity.

I can’t count the number of times I have divulged to the women I’m trying to seduce about my fear for cock roaches or rats.

I sometimes go on a limb to talk about how poor I am at dating, which is of course true. This works magic as it also doubles as a disqualifier. I can remember the number of times I have used that on chicks, only to have them trying to convince me otherwise with lines such as “it’s ‘cause you haven’t met the right chick.”

Don’t get into the details of it; rather use it as a springboard to get the girl to reveal something intimate about herself.

Timing is also very important when it comes to this. Don’t fess up before isolating her from the set she’s in. Or two minutes after opening her up.

Mostly I use a vulnerability when I want to transition to the make-out phase. I just look her into the eye, drop my head down then face her again and drop it. I’ll afterward let her talk about a vulnerability she has as I triangulate waiting to kiss close.

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