Being Your Own Micromanager

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I’m strongly opposed to the idea of living off a paycheck. And just the other day, I came across a thread on reddit where the OP seemed to have some insightful views on the whole thing, so I’ll be pilfering most of what was pointed out on the thread for this article.

The first thing to catch my attention was the idea that you’re NO longer the man in charge of your family if you depend on a paycheck to sort out your bills and feed your family. The man in charge is instead the guy signing the check. He’s the guy providing for your family, and as such the man of your house.

I know a good number of my readers will have a hard time agreeing with such a statement, but technically speaking, this premise holds and the only reason you’ll want to debunk it is ‘cause it doesn’t bode well with what you want to believe.

Personally, the last time I held a job was four years back, and I have never looked back since I decided to quit. Neither do I harbor any form of regret.

During these four years I have been experimenting with lots of ideas. Nothing I have done is enough to send me into a braggadocio mode. But at least I can say I got to add a skill or two into my work pellet.

One thing I also came to notice is that taking a job is like taking the easy way in life. So long as the job is stable, bills cease to be a problem. All you have to do is wake up early in the morning and head to work, 5 to 6 days in a week and that’s it. The rest is for you to wait until end month to receive your paycheck and clear out your bills, treat yourself a little, and everything else is a rinse-and-repeat.

Taking the other route is as complex as it appears. You’re your own boss, and one who answers to no one but you. The money you get to make takes a lot more effort than just showing up at work.

First you have to go out and look for a clientele, and talk them into hiring you before it eventually leads to you getting paid.

What I mean is that you have to come up with your own business model and structure, whereas the chaps on the other side work with a structure that’s already been laid out by their bosses.

There are perks that comes with being on either side, most of which are just as banal as you could have guessed.

Another thing about being your own boss is that it changes your thinking. Instead of looking at the job you do as some kind of favor from your boss, you start looking at it as the merit of your capabilities and skill set.

Not long ago when things weren’t working that great for me I received a job offer, one that I could have sucked someone’s balls clean to get had I been offered 4 years ago.  But I said fuck it without even giving it a thought just continue doing what I do. Still, I don’t regret the decision.

All I can say is that I see a bright future ahead of me, and the best part about it is that I won’t be sucking up to anyone or live with the fear of getting fired when it happens. It might crumble, fail or anything, but what prevents me from getting back on the horse and following the same script, twitching it a little bit to circumvent the mistakes I made.

Read this bearing in mind that this is NOT the road for everyone. It calls for a higher level of discipline and balls to be able to make it on your own than choosing to play servile to some boss.

The first thing you’ll have to do is dispense with is social media. Just block that fucking account and at least give yourself the chance to make real friends and connection.

Plus you can’t just afford any kind of distraction at this point, pussy included. I know this is NOT peripherally related to what I blog about. But it’s something that needs to be said to a smattering percentage of my readers who want to make it in all spheres of life, NOT just notch count.

Two, you need to be tough on yourself, even more than the boss you had at work. You’re your own micromanager remember, and micromanagers like we know don’t entertain bullshit and excuses. So if the structure you’ve created requires that you report to your work desk at 7 am, then you’re NOT going to tolerate having you report at 8.

Three, and perhaps the most important step of being your own boss is for you to try and come up with a well defined structure that you’ll be following every day as you get to work. That structure should include marketing, the breaks in between, records, registers, and your daily, weekly, monthly and annual income (both gross and net).

And until you get to employ someone to help you out, your structure should feature training sessions where you get to teach yourself various things regarding your job operation. It can be about book keeping, filling tax forms, marketing, SEO, facebook marketing and the rest.

All this should be well detailed in your new structure.

This is NOT everything, but part of what it means when someone talks about working without having some guy in a suit breathing on your neck.

Definitely NOT an easy route to take, but if things pan out, and sure they will if you keep doing everything right, the fruits gathered are even sweeter.



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