Big or Small?

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Just the other day I had a friend prattle for a whole good hour about how girls prefer a small junk over a giant one.

To defend his point, the guy went on to state how a big dong rips a chick so badly that she finds it hard to concentrate on the sex because of pain.

I knew he was wrong. But I couldn’t come up with a plausible, theorized counter argument to shush him up ‘cause I had little to zero knowledge on the subject as I have never researched on it before.

So I decided to lap it up in silence. But promised myself that I’ll dig deeper into biological tomes to unravel the truth and may be write about it here someday.

I haven’t done so till now. But I have a tentative anecdotal evidence from a story I know.

The story is about SWIM (abr for: Someone Who ISN’T Me), someone I know and who also happened to be interested in a female friend I’m platonically involved with—let’s call her Emma.

So SWIM asks me if I can invite the girl over to my place when he’s around so he can persuade her into sleeping with him. SWIM is a great friend who doesn’t get laid so often. So I’m cool with doing him such favors, including a bait and switch.

I go ahead and invite Emma over. She comes as usual. We are used to us hanging out and me banging some of her hot friends. Through her, I have shagged close to 10 girls from her ever-changing circle of friends.

Emma is a bit on the licentious side (I’d have called her a whore if NOT for the fact that she’s someone I consider a good friend).

For the short while I have known her, she’s fucked close to 10 guys I know, and it’s for this reason that I have the littlest doubt that SWIM would succeed into making her one of the few notches he has on his bedpost.

So both SWIM and Emma are at my place. We are having a normal conversation on anything general, and Emma hasn’t yet realized that I have just set her up with SWIM.

I stay in a two bedroomed house. So there’s the other spare room that some of my mates sometimes use to do whatever it is that they do with their girlfriends in a locked room.

I pretend like I have received a call from my girlfriend, Sally (her real name, and Emma’s BFF that I have been dating for two weeks, and who at the moment only stays a few blocks from my place).

So I ask Emma to excuse me, but promise to be back in 20 minutes or so. Emma has no problem with that as she’s used to spending even the whole weekend at my place.

SWIM has to find a way to make Emma sleep with him.

He makes a move, and luckily for him, his plan pans out. He manages to get Emma into bed with him.

I don’t know how he did it, but I know he and Emma fucked.

The problem (not really a problem) is that SWIM has a mammoth of a dick that Emma claimed ‘tore’ her vagina. She had to spent the whole day in the bathtub ‘cause her vagina was hurting so badly.

From the juicy details of the story she gave me, the baseball bat monster guy made her cum 12 times, something she’s NEVER experienced before.

Fast forward three weeks later, Emma comes back asking about SWIM. Turns out they never even got to exchange numbers.

She confesses how she’s not been able to cum after she got to experience SWIM’s GIANT dong inside her, despite having fucked close to a dozen guys she’s in an MLTR with.

This made me come to a tentative conclusion that a bigger dick does a better fucking job than a small or medium sized junk all the time. So asked to vouch for any of the three, count me on team BIG, any time.


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