Blessed is the Hand that Receiveth

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Wait, did I misquote the scripture?

Yes, I did. I did quote the word of God out of context. Shuffled the two main verbs, and ended up conveying the exact opposite of the message it was supposed to pass across.

Now hell awaits me.

But what if I told you that what I just did is in no way fortuitous?

Ever wondered why church pastors are for the most part rich… while their congregants wallow in bottomless destitution?

Simple, blessings seem to follow the hand that receiveth, not that which giveth.

Inspired by mother nature herself, Benjamin Franklin penned a psychological finding that would eventually come to be named after him—the Benjamin Franklin Effect.

It goes like this—when a person does you any kind of favour, they’re more inclined to keep doing your more favours, even more than they’d have had you stationed yourself at the giving end.

To establish the veracity of this statement, a smile-inducing staff at Soul Pancake conducted a small study on the subject.

Labelled “How do you get someone to like you,” the study was run on a number of couples, in what seemed like a test to gauge their level of attraction towards each other.

Divided into two group, the first group was only interviewed to weigh in on their level of attraction. They were then asked to wait outside.

The second group was interviewed the same way as group A then made to engage in a series of tasks that served to prove how much they were attracted to their SOs waiting outside. First they had to hold up the signs portraying their appreciation. Then shower them with compliments and serve them beverage.

They were then interviewed the second time and couple’s level of attraction tested again. Turns out, the partners made to perform acts of kindness to their SO, found themselves attracted to their mates even more than they were during the first test.

Hence another proof that the theory actually holds.

This just confirms the article I wrote a while back about making your girl invest in the relationship you have.

Don’t be the guy that insists on doing your chick favours. Instead, be the guy that positions himself on the receiving end.

But that’s NOT where it ends. There’s a wide assortment of other areas that you could apply this simple theory and end up reaping the benefits in full swing.

Here are a few:


We all have friends. Perhaps you’re the most generous in the relationship. Do some introspection and see where it all started.

If I can guess, your friend reached to you for a small favour that you granted without questioning. He thanked you afterwards, but came back after a few days asking for another favour, and that has been the trend ever since. Now you feel like it’s part of your obligation to be granting him favours.

Well, the friend has the Benjamin Franklin effect on you. But now that you’ve discovered his ruses, it’s time you flipped the script.


There are a lot of ways you could get your clients to invest in you. Just reach to them for any kind of favour. You’d be surprised by how much these clients will start caring about you and your business.

It can be something simple. Like asking them to do a survey for you. Subscribing to your email list. Or sharing a link around.


Artists can be one of the benefiters of this effect. Simple, just find a way to involve your fans.

It could be through social media or offline. It could be about doling out concert tickets or merchandise. If you’ve got graphic designers, models, and backup singers, find a way to reach out to them for small escalating favours.

First Impressions

Benjamin Franklin effect offers a great opportunity to manage your first encounters.

Simple, just reach out to the new person you’re meeting and ask them to do a favour for you.

It doesn’t have to be something you really need. But anything that will make the person feel like he did something for you, and be more moved to do you an even bigger favour.

I’d use this on a date I’m just meeting for the first time. I’d simply pretend like something has entered my eye, then ask them to blow it out for me. How does that sound?

Too cheesy huh… You can be more creative.

The wrap up

I could have simply ended this article without this last part. But my oh my, there are stupid people on this board who don’t know how to apply common sense when it’s needed.

You’ll at some point be required to return some of the favours you receive to avoid coming off as manipulative.

I suggest you use this trick sparingly. And only for the purpose of winning people’s hearts and creating connections.

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