Bongo Music is Effeminizing Kenyan Men: By Turning them into Pussies

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You know we’re fucked when hardcore rappers suddenly start idolizing Bongo musicians. Worse, quit rap and start belting out the most beta lyrics you’ve ever heard.

The androgynous bongo cunticians have finally succeeded in suppressing alpha instincts in every single Kenyan man, outing the beta boy that’s NOW proving to be unstoppable.

What are the effects? You ask.

Well, every single pussy belonging to a Kenyan woman has been placed so high on the pedestal. And men are doting on them, losing whatever was left of their male dignity trying to impress it.

You look at the Kenyan population and all you see are women and scores of girly men, and that pussy lapping Bongo music is all to blame. What’s making it even scarier is that it’s fucking everywhere. From buses and the stores you pass by, to your neighbor who for no known reasons won’t just stop pumping up the volume, there’ll be someone in a stereo singing about how lonely he is. Or how he’s being frustrated with an oneitis.

A day hardly passes by without the puke-inducing, bongo music making you regret having a functioning ear drum.

It stands to be reasoned that Bongo music has been programmed to cater to women’s fantasies, whims and desires. It’s making women the prize at the expense of male dignity and that’s where it’s doing it all wrong.

Those singing Bongo are making it appear like the only way to a woman’s heart or, well, pussy is trying really hard to win her over. He has to croon her pussy doting love songs. Dance while following her on the street in a showy manner just to prove himself to the princess.

It’s always about men qualifying themselves to women, and NOT the other way round like it’s supposed to be.  And that’s the frame of mind that everyone who listens to Bongo has or thinks will help him start attracting women. You can’t be any wrong.

Rap groups such as Kalamashaka used to be the thing back then.  And they graced us with a whole catalogue of classic alpha songs that also touched on other aspects of human development. Then diamond and Ali Kiba happened, and we lost track.

The emancipation spread and now we have lots of Bongo HipHopers that we used to hold in high regards swallowed in.

Granted, Bongo HipHop has alpha roots ie Joe Makini, Fid Q or Professor Jay. But what’s left of the so called Bongo HipHop heads is nothing more than an alpha posturing.

It’s for such reasons that I forbade any lurker of the hallowed walls of from listening to Bongo music. Anyone purposing to expel the inner beta out, for good, should first work towards starving all of his cultural nutrition.

Format that USB stick and Micro SD, and replace all of its content with real manly music. Set ablaze every copy of Bongo CDs and DVDs that you have. Or better, send them as a gift to your crush’s boyfriend and wait for the chick to slide right into your arms

To keep it simple, stop listening to the whiny bongo music already, to at least give your balls the ample time to grow back.

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