Calibrating How You Fuck Depending on the Woman

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From the little backroom Banter we’ve had with some of my mates, I came to discover that every guy thinks of himself so highly when it comes to sexual performance.

Even the incels who’ve NEVER fucked before rate their game pretty high.

I’m NOT exactly against this form of self-commendation, but the reality is: the number of good fuckers falls far behind when stacked against the lazy ones count.

You might NOT even be half as good as you think you are.

So what exactly is good fucking? What does it entail?

Well, that depends on whether you’re fucking a top-tier woman on your list or a disposable pump and dump.

If what you have with the girl is an LTR, then good fucking entails trying out every fucking trick in the book, to add on the experience you’ve mustered through the years.

You want to out-fuck every man she’s ever given access to her poodabab. You want to leave a mark so she’ll always remember you or NEVER get to a point where she’ll be mulling over the idea of leaving you for a Congolese man with a giant dong.

LTRs are in a way a kind of internship. You wanna try out all the sex positions you saw floating about the internet and pilfer out what works best for you, so you won’t be doing them on a humble on the next chick you ride.

You want to experiment with Yoni and tantric massage on her and make her scream all her sex fluids out, all in the name of squirting.

LTRs give you the opportunity to discover the G-spot, P-spot or any other vital spot inside her vaginal sack that will go a long way into improving your bedroom game.

As a man in the LTR, it’s you duty to give her the pleasure she’ll NEVER have should you decide to make a decisive riddance of her.

This should be the case if the underlying woman is on the top tier list of the women you fuck.  

Those lucky enough to have wooed you into a relationship deserve the extra attention in the bedroom. Their pleasure takes precedence.

You want to drain off every single drop of sex fluid still lingering in their body. Fuck them the whole night, and commence a poontango immediately she closes her eyes, only for her to be woken up 20 minutes later for another round.

If you can’t naturally make this happen, then make Viagra your second best friend. Go through sex tutorials. Watch Kamasutra, and chock up any useful tidbit on sex you can lay your hands on just to improve your bedroom game.

The Disposable pump and dump.

Unlike their LTR counterparts, these ones are only meant to satisfy your sexual fantasies. It’s their duty to get your sexual appetite sated, without waiting for you to return the favor.

You don’t want to fuck her good, and risk making it hard for you to decisively throw her out to the hyenas when the time comes.

More importantly, you don’t want to arouse her jealousy so she would go salty on the competition she has.

Instead you want to make her an easy, cooperative baggage to jettison when time comes.

Fuck her good and you risk creating a monster who’d rather murder you than see you fuck another woman in kind.

Your pleasure comes first when the girl you’re fucking is nothing more than an fwb. You don’t have to go down on her. She of all the women you fuck should know how to clear her load off on her own.  

Neither do they deserve after-sex extras. If you happen to be fucking them at their place, you leave immediately you cum.

Yea, pick up your coat, not forgetting the used condom, and leave. Do this and they’ll eventually learn their role, without feeling like they’re entitled to anything to create a fuss about it, unless otherwise.

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