Communication Ain’t Gonna Solve Shit

  • 11 months ago
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Communication is the key to a happy marriage. I discredit any marriage counselor who still believes such a statement possesses the magical power to breathe life into a dying relationship or marriage.

Communication is NEVER the key to a happy marriage, but the perfect recipe to wreak havoc into the marriage. The key instead is a man who understands the undercurrents of it all, and is willing to put in an adequate amount of effort to make it work.

Serious men look for other men for advice, while the rest sit at home and wait for what their wives have to say. You begin setting yourself up for disappointment the moment you begin depending on your wife for feedback.

Most of the time, she’ll be clueless of the mechanics behind her actions, and it’s all because women are naturally emotional. She looks at her beta husband and wonders why she’s no longer in love with him, despite being all over him at the beginning of what would be a disastrous marriage they are in now.

So you go sit her ass down and hope she’ll help you reason out how to get the marriage back on track. What do you expect if NOT the obvious platitudes—“things changed”… “I’m no longer the same girl you met years ago.” No hard answers ‘cause she’s completely clueless.

Her feelings are what dictate her next course of action. They are her guide. AND since feelings change all the time, asking for their opinion on serious matters is like emulating a moving target. You know, she dodged the bullet when in real sense she’s the one who fired the gun.

This is NOT to say that women are dumb. Your woman could be really smart, but her emotions override her intelligence. The first thing that real men do is learn to separate their women from leadership.

And since marriage is an institution that’s supposed to be under you leadership, the first tip to make it work is to learn NOT to involve her in important matters regarding the marriage. Take charge and run with it, taking full responsibility for whatever shit befalls you along the way.

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