“Do You Have Money” Insult

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I wouldn’t call this a shit test, but an outright insult. So there’s no need for you to play nice here.

I like to consider this as one of the effects of the society trying to embrace ratchedness that is the socialite fad. Chicks are openly becoming affront, and the embittering truth is that we guys are swallowing it while assuming it’s perfectly normal.

What’s left then? A super ugly, fat chick taking her elephant ass and placing it straight up to your face and taking a smash?

What’s bothering me even more is that this kind of insult doesn’t often come from the hottest dames around. But the fugly type, with no sense of direction and anything important to do with their life.

What convinces these girls that they’re beautiful and that it’s perfectly okay for them to insult the guys they meet?

The social media (of course). The fact that every horrible selfie they upload manages to garner an impressive number of likes and comments from incel omegas and perma-virgins make them think they’re fembots and beautiful enough to oust miss universe.

Three out every five campus chicks you meet fits this criterion perfectly well. They’ll definitely have a mid-range smartphone, a thick layer of caked on makeup, and botoxed, birth-control oestrogen spiked ass.

They’ll be on high-heels, and obviously struggling with the fact that they can’t hold a 3-minute fluid conversation in English even though they can’t bring themselves to speaking Swahili.

They are the sole perps of the ‘do you have enough money to date me?’ Aka ‘are you rich enough to take good care of me?’ Aka ”do you drive?’

How do you handle such?
Well, learn it from the boss. How I would direct the conversation if a chick ever approaches me with such level of bitchiness will depend on whether or NOT I’m still interested in sleeping with her.

If I’m NOT, I’ll take that as an insult and call it right to her face. This is how my conversation would go:

Conversation one
Her: (With a snobbish look) Are you rich enough to take good care of me?
Me: Didn’t know I was hanging out with a prostitute? An escort? How much should I pay to have you for a night?

This should get her defences on or send her on a flight mode. Whichever the case you still have the upper hand.

Conversation 2: This is the direction to take when you’ve decided you don’t want anything to do with her.

Her: Do you have money
Me: Yea, just enough to pay for my damn meal.
Her: The worst it could go— “I can’t remember asking you to pay for my meal.”
Her: “You know what, you should also pay for my meal, too, for fucking wasting my time.” Say this, while standing up, picking up a tooth pick and sauntering straight to the door.
This works if you’re the muscled, naughty type.

Otherwise you might want to consider using the next response.
Her: Do you have enough money?
Me: What’s money got to do with any of this? Are you afraid I might bolt out on you and NOT pay?

Her: Do you drive?
If she’s a pig, like the chick in the clip. This is what my response will be:

Me: Do you hit the gym?
Her: Why are you asking?
Me: I don’t see why we need a car when you need all the exercise you can come up with.

Her: Do you have enough money?

Me: Money for what? Don’t smile or try to be polite while responding to this. Let her know that you’re disappointed that she even brought it up, and that if she doesn’t follow it up with something that takes the edge off what she just said, she might NOT like whatever comes next.

Her: Money to take care of me when we start dating.
Me: You mean you can’t take care of yourself? How old are you? Will I be changing your diapers, too?

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