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Posts like this abound on Fakebook, and it’s easy to tell by the nature of its content that the simp behind this gauzy humbug is yet to lay his eyes on a real-time cream-pied female genital.

He’s probably just seen the Holywood side of women, having bought into the idea that women are completely virtuous, if NOT delicate objects of fantasies that must be pampered and protected all the time from men whose intentions aren’t very different from his. 

But if someone made a reality TV of what men in the lives of these chicks go through, then I can only imagine the disappointment in this guy’s face.

Guys of his ilk play clueless to the fact that these girls are NO angels, but humans, with motives and insatiable sex drives too.  Their lusters also wane with time and their innocent countenance doesn’t in any way suggest their lack of sexual interest like the guys love to assume.

They may appear sweet during the day, but when lights go off, you’d be surprised by how fast these girls transform into sexual monsters, NOT any different from the kind of chicks who allow guys to snort coke off their asses while at it.

And you wonder why porn stars just look like the girl NEXT door.

So this guy sees the need to post this piece of lame advice on Tanya’s timeline. Mostly because he’s convinced Tanya is either a virgin or has put out with only one or two guys.

He cautions her about guys who would only want to use her as a ‘spare wheel’ when she should be with a man (him I guess) who would want to make her the main wheel.

This goes on to show that Patrick has never witnessed the worst of women. What he has instead is Hollywood-like romantic ideas about them.

Patrick wants us to understand that any man hitting on a beautiful woman is only doing that to pump and dump her after he’s had his skunk milked dry, and that there’s NO snowball’s chance in hell that he might actually be interested in starting a family with her.

Meaning he’s willing to tie the matrimonial note with the first HB that will be going down on him—a common mistake betas make all the time when choosing their spouses.  

Betas know women are the victim and we men, the perps. We can as well say they know just enough to get them in trouble.

They have spent all their years chocking up every single lie concerning women and faulting men for it. This is bound to go on, even when married, until it’s too late or when these bitches suddenly decide to show their true self, ripping them off their hard-earned money, house and kids, and opting to move in with guys who treat them like the shit they are.  

Even with this, these men never really wake up to the truthful nature of women.

It’s true that Patrick’s knowledge about women is shallow and so off the beam. In fact the only time he’d be able to understand women truly, is when he’d be on the receiving end of their cruelty.

Men like Patrick fall in love with an illusion, but NOT the true nature of women.

They’re also judgmental, ‘cause their views are shaped by what the society has to say. That explains why he’s quick to assume Tanya is likely to end up having bareback sex with a string of men who’ll be ditching her afterwards after infecting her with HIV.

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