Fuck all the Tips You Read, Here are the Rules that Will Get You Laid in 2016

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It’s 2016. And part of your resolution should be to bed drop dead hotties if you haven’t been doing that already. But there’s no way you’ll be whopping a nookie any time soon if you keep following the middling dating tips pussy doting betas masquerading as some gaming gurus keep giving.

For starters, your outlook needs an overhaul. Everything you’ve been doing to get laid ever since you had your first boob grab is the reason you no longer score it with beautiful women.

So for the sake of being brief, I’ll cut to the chase and bring you my top 8 list of rules that will get you laid in 2016. Fuck all the rules you read elsewhere:

Never comment on a woman’s beauty, unless it’s a Neg

It’s counter-intuitive, but approving a woman’s beauty never really pays off unless the girl in picture is repulsively hideous.
For stunning beauties, beauty validation is like the air they breathe immediately they hit the A-cups. Confirming her beauty only adds you into the deep pool of beta males already kowtowing to her beauty, which reduces the odds of you bedding her.
A neg will do instead.

From reference, women respond well enough to a good tease. A tease that shows you aren’t intimidated by her good looks. There’s remotely a chance she might respond negatively, but it’s better off than her reciprocating nicely to your gentleman-ness then pulling a thick lens of oblivion immediately you’re out of picture.

Examples of negs:

Me: “I love your nails. Are they real?”

Her: “Not really”
Me: “At least your face is.”

Me: “A nice face with a not-so-bad body to support it…”

Her: “Ohh thanks. but… ”

Me: “I still spot a few features I could approve”

You: “Slightly above average”

Her: “What?”

You: “What else would a guy rate other than your looks?”

Never take a girl out before sleeping with her
Taking a girl out or lavishing her with expensive gifts before sleeping with her waters down all your chances of getting her to sleep with you.

You can’t buy her affection. If a girl isn’t interested in you in the first place, there’s no way taking her out and buying her an expensive meal will ever make her feel like opening her legs for you.

The whole package of you is more than enough to inspire a romantic connection with any woman without getting your pockets involved.

Here’s the thing; you take her out. Splurge a few G’s then part ways for home. A few days in, you call to check on her and ask if she can come over, now that you parlayed the dinner to get her to bed. What do you expect?

If she’s in the company of friends, her conversation can run the gamut from something like “now that he took me out and spent a few G’s, he thinks he’s done enough to sleep with me” to [worse] “if he’s moneyed enough let him come over and take us all out.”

You so don’t want to be that guy.
So why don’t be succinct and invite her to your place. Then bless her with the gift of jackhammer and see how irrelevant the “going out” part was to your fledgling relationship.

Never be afraid to lose her
Fear is the mother, father and granny of all the bad things that happen to mankind. Don’t let it ruin your game.
If she feels like jumping ship, feel free to show her the door. There are thousands of “her” out there in the cold, obsessively waiting for the icy offer to enter into your warm world. Don’t let her deny them the chance.

So many women want to have a tidbit of the almost extinct breed of males, the alphas. Don’t dissuade them because there’s a frail part of you pushing you into taking the wrong path—walking someone down the aisle. That’s akin to hell for gamers.

Be a Cad
Asked to choose between being a cad and a provider, be a cad. Be the later only if you’re looking for a subterfuge to jilt her.
A cad translates to a don’t-care. You don’t give a monkey’s whether she screws someone else, ends up dead the next day or dies of Ebola. That’s her problem.

Your problem is going hard on her like no man has ever done. Let her see the stars. Moan at the sight of an otherworldly glee as you hit the terminal end of her vulva. Teach your hands to romp with her G-spot until she learns to squirt more than she pees.

Then after, pick up your coat and leave, calling her next when your feel like frolicking again. If she [sadly] says no, let that be the last day she’ll ever hear from you again.

Be unreasonably self-assured
You’re a wannabe lothario. Act like one.
Regardless of what you are by trade, strut like you own everyone. The president included.
Don’t let what that pissant beta male figure thinks about you lower your self-confidence.

Let it flow even when you got nothing to prop it up with.
Women have a proclivity of emasculating men. They do this to get us to a lower level that will make it easy for them to take dominance.

They’ll reach out for the bitch in you and out it. Alpha males quash it before they get a chance.
Don’t let them succeed.
We don’t need to emote to get laid. Act like the buyer; not the seller. If she doesn’t respond well enough to your vibe, the next chick certainly will.

Don’t get yourself too attached
No one has the power to manipulate the outcome. We can dictate where we want the future to head, but that doesn’t mean things will always turn up the way we want them to. No plan is full-proof, remember.
Never apologize for being a man. So, instead of beating around the bush, be frank and let her know what exactly you want. The trick is to keep it very short but sweet.

Be bold enough to go for it on the first date
There’s no such thing as a called for ordinate number of dates that you should go before you decide to sleep with a chick.
So instead of lurking around her, waiting for her approval to taste her goodies, be bold enough to go for it. Touch her, kiss her and aim for the gwak.

Whatever you do, just don’t let her false indignation at your chutzpah detract you from behaving like a man.
Even if she pulls off, you’re better off as an insensitive jerk than a diplomatic beta who didn’t have the nerve to express his sexual intentions.

Don’t be the first one to profess your feelings
Professing your feelings to a girl before she does is like asking for a direct gateway to friend zone.

You can flirt, throw in some kino, but don’t be too unworldly to be the first one to mention the word “love.” Let her do it, at least two to three times before you can let her in on how you feel about her.

Don’t go on telling her how much you care for her and promise to treat her nice. That never really pays off. What you’re actually forgetting is that attraction is strongly chained up to emotions. And the only way we can make them emote is when we are fun, bold, and, yea, fuck them good.

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