Gamma, Beta, Sigma or Alpha; What Tribe Are You?

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Many men like to be referred to as the alpha. The same way many of them would take offense when someone calls them beta. But then again, those are NOT the only tribes one is likely to wind up in.

There’s something far worse than beta—and that’s omega or gamma. And there’s a tribe far better than beta, but NOT necessarily measuring up to the definition of alpha—and that’s sigma, aka the rebel or borderline alpha.

From what many people in the manosphere think, an alpha malerefers to the men that get laid often, whereas betas are the monogamous, one woman incels, that rush into tying a knot with the first hot chick that happen to get in bed with them.

Beta Vs. Gamma
Beta aren’t exactly socially awkward as their gamma foils. But their options are so narrowed that, in their entire lifetime, they’ll only end up sleeping with a dozen women before getting into marriage. And that’s it.

Gammas on the other hand are the socially awkward bunch. They are the late bloomers and the masters of fapping. If a gamma happens to have seen a putang’, then it must have been somehere in a magazine or a porn site.

While you’re likely to spot a beta in the company of women and male friends at least once in a while, gammas, as with sigmas, are a one-man army. If not they’ll be in the company of other socially awkward male friends.

Beta males get laid. But out of luck, and NOT so often. They form a great majority of male orbiters that women NEVER find attractive.

On the other end, gammas mostly consist of nerds and the religious inclined lot. And more often than NOT they’ll end up getting married to the first woman they happen to sleep with.

Sigma vs. Alpha
A few inches below the alpha, long before you climb down to the beta male, there lies the sigma. Or the lone wolf, as some people like to call him.

Whereas sigmas operate solo, alphas need a pack or a small tribe, which they rule and exercise their social dominance. They are the pack leaders. Meaning their ability to attract women must be springboarded by their social hierarchies or ranks.

Women are naturally attracted to guys that rule social circles, as they are considered cool in every angle.

They have a knack for working a crowd. Plus they know how to bring people together or make anyone who happens to cross their path fall in love with them inevitably.

They are easy to notice. And as such don’t need to chase women to get laid, more so as women constantly throw themselves at them.

Sigma on the other end refer to the rebel alpha, who despite being attractive and a good conventionalist, doesn’t see the need to have a tribe or operate in a pack. He’s a drifter who believes in himself, and is NOT in any way intimidated by any pack leader.

They don’t suck up to anyone. They are the type that shows up at a party alone. Approach a beautiful woman and leave home with her without involving a wingman or group.

At some point, if it calls for it, they might challenge the pack leader, but as soon as they get the outcome they wanted, they’ll release their control and go back to solo-hunting.

While alphas are somewhat approachable, sigmas tend to be a little aggressive to the people they have zero interest in.

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