Why You Should Make Your Girl Invest in the Relationship You Have

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One trick you can always use to keep your chick interested, and NOT fall among the long trail of guys she left behind, is to find a way to make her invest in both you and the relationship you have.

This has nothing to do with your looks or how much you’ve been gaming her. If she’s NEVER put anything on the table, it’s just a matter of time before she replaces you with someone who wouldn’t hesitate giving her the opportunity to.

Let me NOT throw a luscious coat over this simple fact. She’ll dump you, without even mulling over the whole idea, for someone NOT too selfish to hog the valued perquisites that comes with being the giver of favors.

This particularly applies to a great majority of men who often stop a chick from doing something for them. It can be something simple, like you lost your phone and your chick is offering to buy you a replacement. Say no, and you’d have lost that one opportunity to make your chick so committed that she’d never bring herself to the idea of leaving you, ever—even after someone more interesting come crawling with a better offer.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re going through a rough patch in life. Your business is in a standstill and this is the time you could really use some tiding over. Your girl shows up and offers a wad to keep you afloat. She does this again and again, until she gets to a point that she feels she’s part of what’s going on between the two of you.

Pretty soon she’ll have invested so much that the idea of her leaving you and incurring all that loss will NOT sit well with her.

It’s self-explanatory the more she invests the more it’ll be harder for her to sever. Core to this is that she’ll be more compelled to keep doing you favours, hoping that things will eventually start working to her favour.

The more you make her invest, the harder you’re making it for all her possible suitors to snag her off your grip. For instance, she’s invested a million shillings into the relationship. The only thing that can make another man pull her out of the investment she has with you is when he shows up with a deal that beats the 1 million shillings she invested in.

Think in terms of a slot machine. Your job is to make her keep dolloping every single coin she makes in the machine, and upping the investment she’s made in both you and the relationship.

Let’s look at the key areas you must make your lady invest in

Money, of course

This rule should apply whether or NOT the chick you have makes more money than you.

Bear in mind that you’re at greater risk of losing your dream woman the lesser money she makes.

First off, let her spend part of her hard-earned money on treating you. That’s taking you out and lavishing you with the expensive gifts she can afford. Whatever you do, don’t restrain her when she’s offering. Agree to her call and after that give her an after-treat smash she’ll never forget as a thank you.

Ask her to pay for the dinner or buy you tickets to your [not her] favourite concert or movie, at least once in a while. A simple trick is to call her while she’s on her way back home after work and ask her to pick up something for you. Whatever you do, nix from operating like an ATM machine, and more like a slot machine.

This has nothing to do with the feminism bullshit—this being the 21 century and women earning just as much as men… blah blah. It has everything to do with making women part of the relationship they are in, and as such giving them reasons to stay whenever you have a small qualm or when someone with fresh jokes shows up askimg her out.

Make her get you a gift, an expensive one for that matter during your birthday. Clue her in on what you want. And let her know that you’ll be more grateful if she ever shows at your door with a gift.

If your business isn’t doing very well, don’t hold back. Get to that damn phone and give her a call and ask her if there’s any way she can help. Don’t be needy. But make her feel like she’s part of something with you.

If she can’t spend on you, dude, you’re better off nexting her and nexting all your subsequent catches until you find that one chick willing to give up all she has just to be with you.


If your chick isn’t there when you need her, at least 90 percent of the time, then I can bet with all I have that there’s nowhere that relationship is headed.

Don’t be among the guys who do everything for their chicks—taking her to her favorite restaurant or even to meet her shallow, insufferable friends. Nothing I have mentioned passes as a chick investing quality time in the relationship you have.

The question to ask yourself is; were you NOT around, would she be doing the same things she does?

If the answer is [sadly] yes, then sit your ass down and make a list of all the things you’d want to see her doing for you. She may be reluctant at first, but if you make it appear like she’ll be losing you should she continue being rigid, she’ll conform slowly by slowly and before you know it, it’ll all be about you.

Here’s the thing: you love football, right? Why don’t you take her with you to watch a match, whether or NOT she’s into football? Afterwards you can take her to that nyama choma joint you like, knowing very well she has unmatched hate for that place. Later retreat to your man-cave and watch IP man 3—NOT soap—as she gives you a nice hummer. No cunnilingus for today.

She’ll be riled up. Definitely call one of her girlfriends she once introduced you to her and tear you to pieces.

Whatever her reaction, don’t let it get to you. Do this on at least 10 subsequent dates and reward her with one. Things might be a little nasty at first, but over the long haul the benefits will start trickling in.


Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re the only one making an effort in a relationship? From initiating sexts, calling, and whatnot.

If so, that’s a dead giveaway that you lost track somewhere and you’re culpable for betraying your manhood.

Train yourself to be the commander in charge. She should habitually be taking orders from you, and for the most part, being the one making the relationship work.

The Wrap Up

You’re NOT for free. The best gift you’ve ever given to her is welcoming her to your paradise. The happiest she’ll ever be is being around you. And if she really never wants this to end, she must be willing to give you something in return—and that is money, time and effort.

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