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The first book I read about pick up was “The Game” by Neil Strauss, and as much as I enjoyed reading every section of the book, I didn’t find the story very inspiring with regards to bettering one’s life.

I watched the Pick Up artist before reading Style’s book. Mystery is one great guy, a pick up god to me, but I found his life a total mess and uninspiring if Style’s story is anything to go by.

I’d be lying if I say his story inspired me to be anything like him, except for pick up. But Styles did, assuming he didn’t twist the story to his favor to win his readers over.

The story ends up with Styles locking in a worldie and securing some striking deals that served to prove wrong all the naysayers who associate game with wastoids.

At such a time when success is by and large measured in terms of the money you make, I find it hard to argue the wrong way round, given we still need to drum up the resources required to facilitate our pick-ups.

We need a nice apartment, good sense of style, money for drinks and may be a car for a smooth infield gaming, and one unambiguous fact is that all these scream money.

I’ll begin by saying pick up is NOT a job, unless you’re planning to set up boot camps where you’ll be charging your students a hefty fee to teach them about game. Then again, I have NO faith that this could work in Kenya.

One common mistake I have noticed is that some people while learning about game forget to channel some of the effort into other key aspects of self-improvement.

They wake up in the morning and all they think about is sarging. While this will without doubt improve your pick up skill, you risk growing old without having accomplished anything tangible other than bedding women.

So I’ll advice you to get a job or commit to your studies if you’re still in school, and only run game as a pass time. Or amid doing other important stuff, but with extra caution so as to avoid losing yourself to it.

This will also save you a great deal from being needy. You want the ladies to think you’re a very busy person with limited time on your hand to spare for flings and relationships.

Get your life in order. Save. Buy a car and a nice apartment.

If you do NOT have a job, simple logic demands that you get one. Or better, start a business and work towards gaining enough resources to facilitate your pick-ups, taking in-between breaks to bang some of the hotties your life intersects with.

This advice is as banal as it gets. But very helpful if you’re dealing with the hoopla that often comes with being new to game.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing real success and the success you have with women. Your game might have improved to a point where you feel you have a chance with almost any bangable broad crossing your path; but if you haven’t done anything to get your life in order, then know depression is well underway.

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