Gift Ideas For a Deserving Plate

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It’s no longer a bother to me to hear a new plate I’m spinning files complaints to whoever is offering an ear about how unromantic I am. It’s not like I’m affected by any of these uncalled for grouses. But something just came up and I thought why NOT try and do things a little bit differently this time?

There’s this one chick that has been putting in a lot of effort to keep the flames of what we have going on between us alive. Her deeds finally caught the soft spot in me that I decided to go on a limp this Christmas season and actually gift her.

The problem is that I’m a bad giver of gifts. And so are many of you.

I’m not talking jewelry or any of those run-on-the-mill ‘I love you’ products ‘filling up the street and shopping centers, just something to lift her spirit up for actually being a great girlfriend (I’d personally write her a recommendation letter to present to her next boyfriend should she ever ask me to. Jokes aside).

The first thing that came to mind was me getting her a ticket to a show, movie or spa. But this didn’t bode well with me as I wanted something tangible.

I have yet to come up with a satisfactory idea of what would make the perfect gift, which means I’m leaving the room open for suggestions.

But until then, I thought I should let you know that my blog will be taking a new direction from today henceforth. It will still be about pick up and self-improvement, but on a much more deeper and mature level. Less of the articles I will be making will be about picking up women, as my plan is to zero in on how to transform you into a better man that will continue giving her the feels.

So my first prerequisite for you to be a happy reader of my blog is to get yourself a hottie of a girlfriend. Think dating way above your league, as my focus will be about helping you work on your league and elevating it to the best of your ability.

Read this bearing in mind that the first person I write for is myself. So I’d still be contented if I’m the only reader here.

I figure out stuff, then try them out before finally running them on this blog. And while women still form one of my major areas of interest. I’m set out to help you stay stronger, increase your sexual market value and in the process become a leader.

It’s time we discovered what we value, assigned a purpose to our life, and more importantly strove to be free thinkers without depending on those on authority for our security and safety.

The end result is to lead a life of peace and calmness.

Keep checking the blog, and I can almost guarantee there’s a great deal to learn by simply being a lurker here and NOT anywhere else.

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