Guys that Choose to act as Emotional Tampons for Chicks in “Bad Relationships”

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Commonly referred to as the white knight syndrome, this is a common personality trait among nice guys that sort of makes them attracted to any damsel who appears to be in distress and who’s willing to let them reach out and offer probono aid.

The society knows them as white knights or the captain-save-a-whore kind of men, well identified by their radar for detecting any member of the opposite sex who happens to be going through a sticky patch so they can step in and have the pleasure of putting their niceness into use.

Usually, the girl being saved will be in a relationship with a guy she complains a lot about. But for reasons only known to her, she just can’t call it off.

Her cry for help soon lands into the ear of a white knight, who immediately lashes to her aid, offering all the emotional support the girl might be needing during those tough times.

He’ll listen as the chick trash-talks about her boyfriend. Offer his shoulder for the girl to cry on, and even help in calling the guy names, and insist on how a guy like that doesn’t deserve a chick of her kind.

White knights are the complete different of the jerk boyfriend the chick might be having. He’ll always be there for her. Lavish her whiny ass with expensive gifts, while patiently waiting for the asshole boyfriend to screw up so he can step in and confess his undying love to her.

And this does pay sometimes. The may cuddle, date for a day or two, but rarely have sex.

The guy’s burning desire to please the girl will be driven by the strong oneitis she has for her. From the superficial look of things, he’s the guy the chick deserves. Or the only one who’ll ever treat her right.

He’ll stick around and even try to convince the chick to ditch the guy to start a new relationship with him.

But every time the guy brings up the topic, the girl talks of how that’s NOT the right time and how she still loves the boyfriend. But promises to end the relationship really soon so they can be together.

So why the hell is she still with that jerk of a boyfriend when there’s such a nice guy willing to treat her like the queen she is?

Is it the history they have together? Love?

Well, who knows! But the truth is, no matter what the white knighting guy decides to do for the girl, she’ll always be attracted to the guy more than she is attracted to him.

The Saddest Truth

She might NOT be the victim like she’s trying to lead on those offering her sympathy. The fact that she knows her boyfriend is a jerk but instead chooses to be with him makes her part of the problem, if not the problem itself.

And no matter the number of times the white knight takes her in after another episode of ‘abuse,’ she’ll always keep running back to the arms of his jerk boyfriend.

She’s NOT as innocent as she wants the whole world to think. But partly to blame for her drama-filled relationship that she can’t sever.

And why in hell would any guy want to be with a girl who treats her boyfriend like trash? Running away every time they have a squabble and landing straight into the arms of another man simply because she thinks the man cares for her?

Well, the white knight of course.

And here are the reasons:

. – They want to have the girls at their most vulnerable, and have every excuse to treat her even worse when they start a relationship. “

. – They are manipulative. They’re ball-less and can’t therefore face the competition they have head on. Instead, they resort to besmirch the guy they think happens to have the greatest chance with the girl, then bait and sit to wait for things to go awry so they can strike back and claim her.

The Effects of this

To the innocent girls [but then again, they’re NOT as innocent as they might want us to think] who take the bait here’s what is likely to happen:

. – Your chances of finding love may be ruined. Rather than taking the time to work on the relationship you have with your boyfriend, you’re quick to run to a white knight for a quick, whipped up solution that does NOTHING but sour your relationship.

. – The white knight’s ulterior motives may turn out to be an even bigger shock that may end up heightening the resentment you harbor for men.

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