Handling the Girlfriend Who’ll NEVER Stop Texting or Talking about Her EX

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Nothing is more disrespectful than seeing your girlfriend harping about her ex all day or texting him continuously as if she’s still single and at his beck and call should he ever wish to get his balls sucked clean. This one happens a lot at the nascent stages of a fledgling relationship and here are the possible causes:

  1. She was dating someone she’s convinced is more alpha than you. And is as such willing to risk everything, including losing you, just to bring back lost memories.
  2. She’s hoping to out your insecurities. This one happens a lot when you’re dating someone way below your market value. In a desperate effort to elevate her value, may be to a level that she won’t feel threatened by you, she’ll make up a story about her ex, then be on the lookout for any sign of insecurities on your side.

    You’re likely to experience this if you’re dating a single mom.

  3. She’s a whore. If the girl only talks about that one ex she still has a thing for, then that’s normal in a way. But if she has a list of them that she shamelessly keeps bringing up amid conversations, killing the little vibe you have. Odds are good, you’re dating a whore.

    She’s probably sucked way too many dicks than all your exes combined.

  4. She’s dating around, hoping her ex will show up and take her back. A clear sign that she hasn’t moved on and neither is she ready for a serious commitment.

    Try snooping on her and you might catch her trash talking about you to her ex. That’s if she’s even been honest enough to let him know that she hooked up with someone after they broke up.

Whatever the reason, the fact that she’s got no shame talking about or to her ex only shows that she’s got zero respect for your manhood.

If she isn’t already cheating on you, she’s soon bound to. And she won’t be necessarily doing it with her ex, but any man demonstrating a higher value than you.

If you’re into her that much, I’d recommend you game her back on track. Otherwise, if you got a side plate that can easily fill her position, don’t hesitate to take a jump on her and do the dumping first.

However, if after poring over the whole situation you still have reasons to believe she’s only shit-testing you, then I suggest you try out the following. Otherwise you’re better off using that as an excuse to finding yourself an even hotter girlfriend.

Get someone hotter

It’s simple, find someone hotter and start flirting with her. Whatever you do, don’t make it appear like you’re trying to even the score with her, but that you’ve found someone genuinely interested in you.

This could either work to your favor or against you. If the chick was already muling over the idea of leaving you, but didn’t have the nerve to tell you, well, rest assured she’ll be doing it this time round.

But even with this, she’d have saved you time, considering it was bound to happen anyway.

Call it to her face
Wait until she starts this whole Ex yapping or texting thing, then with a serious tone and a face to back it up, call it right to her face. In the most succinct way possible, utter this “before you start getting too comfortable with this whorish act you’ve been trying to pull lately, I’d like to let you to know that if this happens one more time, then that would mark the end of whatever we got going on between us.”

Or this, “listen to me lady, every time I sit here and watch you text or talk about your ex, I’m left with no choice but to doubt if you’re really the right woman for me. Whatever you’re trying to pull, just know it makes you look stupid and a woman of low value.”

Once done, pick you jacket and leave, showing up the next day or very late in the night if possible.

Don’t let it get to you

If you’re certain she’s pulling all this just to elevate her value, simple logic demands that you ignore her. It’ll just be a matter of time before she realizes your lack of interest on her stupid performance and give up.

However, if there’s something more to it than shit test, then rest assured you’re on track to be cheated on.

Any of the three whipped up solutions I have given should help. Some may start calling you insecure or anything of the sort, don’t let it get to you. Women love turning tables and using subterfuge and sabotage to make you the villain and buy an excuse out. How you react to that can determine your fate in the relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a girl you’re committed to know that you won’t be entertaining the idea of her keeping in touch with any of her exes. An alpha male knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to demand it.

Insecurity or jealousy doesn’t make anyone weak or beta. But failure to stand for what you believe is right or put a stop to its sources surely does.

Take a cue from God. Despite his status, he’s NOT afraid to let mankind know that he’s a jealousy God. Use the same creed and come up with some solid commandments that you’ll be spelling out to your main chick and side plates alike.

Commandment Number one: “I’m the lord your master. Thou shall NEVER have any other guy but me,” Says you.

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