Honesty is for suckers

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Honesty is for suckers. So is pathological lying.

You don’t need to tell a bold-faced lie to get a chick to sleep with you. It just ain’t necessary. Neither is it necessary to have your actions dictated by honesty.

You’re an alpha ‘cause you can back up your talk. But that doesn’t imply that it’s utterly wrong to paint yourself in positive light with mild or overly blown exaggerations when a situation calls for it.

There’s nothing wrong with lying when you can pull it off and considerably bump up your social status.

Personally, I look 10 years younger than my actual age, and just the other week while attending a social event; I had some 30 year old hag find it hard to believe that I was about the same age as her. She was convinced I was in my early 20s, though I still take the flattery as some dying attempt to get some you-gin’s meat inside her washed-out vaj tunnel.

But considering she’s NOT the only one to take note of that, I get I might actually be blessed with anti-aging genes… and who am I NOT to cash in on that!!!

So of course yes, I’ll be 21 when around an 18 year old canuckette that I happen to be interested in. Not because it’s necessary, but I’ll lie about my age, career, and everything else if it means it’s the only way to be with her.

I doubt that it will ever get to that, considering most of the things I have to lie about are the things women least care about.

I don’t have to lie about being romantic, wealthy, a poet and all that. But if the girl in question is vapid, materialistic or delusional, and I’m sensing she’ll blow me in a tick if I’m any of that, I’m pulling the fib just to take a deep dip inside her juice box.

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