Hotter Chicks Don’t Get Hit On Often

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Well, nothing. Juliani might have had the steely balls to creampie such a cutie, but initially he was just a spineless beta without the minerals to push past his approach anxiety and make a move, despite all the IOIs Brenda was sending.

In recollection, this was the time when Brenda was rumored to be also involved with Nick Mutuma; who, judging by the standards of his looks, appears to be a better match for her. Yet nothing happened.

This just confirms one belief I have always had; women prefer dating someone less physically attractive than them.

Reason being, their choice of a worthy mate is partly goaded by the fact that a more attractive guy is a greater cheating risk compared to their somewhat unattractive match (these two studies confirm the statement: Study 1 and this Study 2).

Beautiful women also fear committing to a hotter looking guy only to lose him to a hotter competitor. So they’ll weigh it all in their subconscious part of the brain, and instead opt to settle for someone less cute, and one they’re sure won’t be jump shipping to a more deserving interloper.

It’s also worth noting that men place more attention on looks compared to women. Which is to say the hotter the chick is, the more the guy will be willing to pursue her for an LTR. The statement is even truer the further down the guy ranks in the looks department.

Meaning Juliani stood a better chance than Nick to lock Brenda in for an LTR or marriage. But Nick could have scored it big had Brenda been one to go in for a fling.

Now, this clip reveals the juicy details of what actually transpired prior to their first sexual encounter: for about three years, as Brenda puts it, no guy had the balls to ask her out.

No one.

Both Nick and Juliani, not forgeting a bevvy of other interested male celebrities, badly wanted to hit that, but they were all too much a chicken to express their interests, let alone escalate.

So they  took the comfortable seats back at the friend zone then proceeded to shower the fawned over princess with all kinds of favors.

Things weren’t working for Brenda. So she decided to get off her high horse and wear the pants herself.

She made a move on Juliani who couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him. He has never agreed to anything faster and more willingly than he did on this fateful day.

The sex happened soon after, and Brenda being the flyest chick he has ever banged, made him ejaculate a whole gallon of chocolate jizzum that knocked her up right away.

This confirms another one of my now proven theories: hotter chicks get hit on less often, and it’s mostly because guys have a propensity to exclude themselves as worthy sexual mates.

The hotter chick will therefore wind up with a longer list of orbiters, most of whom are too wimpy to communicate their interests, but a very shorter list (if any) of guys with the brass balls to make their interests known.

It’s for reasons like this that hotter chicks tend to warm up more to pick up than their ego-inflated, plain counterparts who get hit on every second by horny betas who think of them as easy lays.

Two, plain girls have a pre-emptive resistant as they’re used to guys dumping them immediately they have finished attending to their blue balls.

The risk of rejection also appears to be higher with hotter women, as a result men around them find it easy to hide their intentions or hold themselves back from escalating for fear of losing the girl for good.

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