How to Get a Girl to Sleep with You the First Time She Shows Up at Your Place

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I’m blessed. I know because I’m among the few guys who get what they want whenever they want it. A case in point, I bed women on first date at whim.

It happens all the time. So long as we pull past the first hump that involves letting my finger do the roaming, I’ll be counting minutes before I start running my shaft inside her gawk.

Too much for NOT being self-centered today, I’ll be sharing my little secret with Sex Deficient Men still grappling with whether juggling women on a first date is a possibility in this cosmos.

But my little generosity will only mean more women will no longer be withholding sex from men whenever they feel like it.

At this point I’m assuming you’ve mastered enough gaming ruses to convince the chick you’re planning to show a good time to come over to your place. I’m also assuming you have all the caveats that kill game at your finger tips and the only remaining hump is getting a taste of her nookie

It’s rightfully yours. The fact that she gave you her number, responded to your cocky texts and finally decided to walk her ass over to your place, means she’s more than willing to throw away her scruples and let the sexing begin.

But because she’s a woman, who believes that the man she’s blowing would someday think of walking her down the aisle, she has her own cards to play. Part of which includes caprice: her change of mind and deciding she’s not giving it to you. It happens more often than NOT

So I’m blessed to be the lucky guy that will be leaking the juicy tips that make women let their guards down, so you can make their ginas jingle.

Now without further ado, here we go:

She’s presumably at your place.  Probably sitting on your bed or couch and sipping whatever you have served her. Your mind is swamped with all sorts of crazy stuff you’ll be doing to her if your calculated move pans out.

But there’s some part of you pulling you back. Whispering how a bold move will ruin your chances of seeing that girl again. That part of you is right and very wrong at the same time.

Here’s what is going on in her mind.
She wants it bad. Her hardening nipples are a dead giveaway. But her slut defenses are on and the last thing she can do is ask for it. She wants it, maybe more than you, but there’s some part of her telling her that you’ll be judging her should she decide to go on. You have to deceptively reassure her–with action, not words–that you’re not in hurry to hit it.

As an alpha male who don’t give a damn about her fears, you have to find a way to quash her paranoia and sneak your way into her panties.

That’s where the game begins. First you have to obfuscate your sexual urge then fibd  way to build anticipation. Let it appear like you’re not after the sex. You’re not like those sex-hungry betas who can’t control themselves from sleazing at the sight of a cute pussy carrier.

But since you’re not planning to friend-zone yourself, start with a little kino. Get up and move where she is or invite her over to come and share a couch with you. If she’s a hard one, find something on your phone and ask her to come and share the buzz.

Just ensure she doesn’t leave when she moves close. Don’t do it by holding her. Let her do it at free will.

Next, pull one or two negs—never compliment a woman’s beauty, remember? Find anything about her to throw in a compliment. For instance, if her hair is natural, be creative and come up with something simple like “natural huh! What else is natural? “while stroking her hair gently. Stop after like 20 seconds, and continue talking, but seductively.

Try as much as you can to bring up a topic that will get her aroused. If you’re reading this in 2015 any time before June, you can talk about “50 shades of gray” without appearing backward. But settle more on the carnal side of it, giving details of how they kissed, fondled, and finally fucked. Digress a little but come back with another voluptuous story.

This time round go ahead and compare her to a female protagonist you know. Talk of how she’s a brunette with matching eyes and, yea, fingers. Then proceed and start rubbing them. Play with them as long as you can. Go back to her hair. Next the hems of her dress or blouse.

Then stop.

The trick here is to obfuscate and create anticipation, remember? Let her find it hard to think you’re after sex. You can even stand, go outside then come back. And introduce another topic, directing it where you want it to go.
At this point, her paranoia is wearing thin. She’s starting to weigh in her options. Should she cave in to your sexual demands?

Whatever you do, just don’t rush.

Pull her close to you, her head resting on your chest. Proceed and play with her hair, then her finger nails, the turn-ups of her dress, and finally her toes. Do it gently. Don’t rush into kissing. Stop and continue telling her all the sweet stuff she needs to hear. Tell a fib where necessary.

You’re almost there.

After keeping the talk going for about 10 minutes, continue playing with her hair, toe nails etc. But push it further by extending your touch to the upper part of her arm, shoulder then neck. Do it gently as you continue whispering sexy stuff to her ears. You can tell her how soft her skin is or her delicate it feels. Then proceed to tell her how you can make a good protector for such a delicate being.

Stop and continue with the heart-to-heart exchanges.
But when you come back, reach for her mouth and kiss her slightly. Then Stop, vibe for 3 minute or so, and let your hands do the roaming on her neck again. If it gets intense, reach out for the nipple. And start stroking her breasts slowly. Do it for a minute or two then stop and continue telling her sweet stuff. Don’t tell her you love her until you’re certain you do.

Come back and this time kiss her really hard as you fondle her breasts. Let the kissing go on for about five minutes and pull back again.

Now if she won’t reach out for the kiss herself, then you badly need some kissing lessons.

The next phase is where you let your guards down and let the spool proceed. Kiss her really hard until your lip muscles start aching. Let your fingers play with all the vital spots on her bodice. Don’t reach for the gawk.

Alternate between her breasts and belly, as you continue kissing her deeply… At this point the two of you should be transversely juxtaposed, with the only hedge between your manhood and her cookies being the fabric between you.

Stop, but continue playing with her hair and the turn-ups of her blouse or dress.

Now make it to the pelvic bone, on her pubic hair (if she isn’t shaved, get another chick). Play with the edge of her undies. Don’t slide you finger inside the vulva. Just play with the hem of her lingerie, lightly stroking her pubic hair. Stop. And continue kissing.

Kiss her really hard again touching her breasts, tummy, then straight to her legs and work your way into her inner thighs. If she’s classy, don’t be afraid to use your tongue.

Kiss her tumtum, her legs, breast, and finally her inners thighs. If she isn’t s moaning at this point and imploring you to undress her so she can ride you like a pogie stick, dude, you’re dating a mummy!

Don’t rush into undressing her until she starts undressing herself or asks you to undress her.

This is the ripe moment for giving in to a little bit of finger fucking. Start slowly then fast-track, inserting one finger, then two, and finally three depending on the berth of her vulva.

Now you have to reach for the G-spot to close the game. Just bend both your index and middle finger, juxtaposed together such that—with your hands placed at your front and the palm facing up—the tips appears to face upwards.

Go ahead and insert the finger inside the nookie and bend your fingers the same way, feeling a somehow rough membrane at the upper-section of her vulva, on the inside of the pelvic bone. That’s the G-spot. Stroke it.

Feel free to strip her and fuck her in whatever sex position you prefer. Will be waiting for a thank you note.

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