How to Leverage Feminism

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The internet nearly exploded when Cyprian Nyakundi ran an article about toxic feminism in the country. While I agree with most of what he posted, I’m NOT for the idea that feminism is winning and that we men are actually loosing. Feminism only wins when you approach it with a sabre-rattling kind of mindset.

Feminism is NOT something that can be won even if we men decided to do nothing about it. Soon or later people are gonna realize the effect it has on the society and they’re gonna turn their backs, and at the front most, will be ex-feminist women pushing for this shift of ideology.

It’s just nature and NO one has ever won fighting against it.

My stand still remains—feminism is ruining women, fucking over men (to a lesser extent though), and on the overall, just screwing up with everything.

And we’re NOT gonna fight against it. Instead, we’re gonna take advantage of the situation to our own phallus and self-improvement interest. Ask me how?


  • Let them win arguments

We’re NOT gonna argue about who’s right and who’s NOT. We got too much less time on our hands to waste on unnecessary arguments.

We’ll win all this by standing tall over it.

Let the misandrists continue plotting about how they gonna enslave men and farm them for sperms.

We will let them win arguments and all else that matters to them, while our attention will be diverted  to the small percentage of down to earth women who despite all these still wanna take a shot at leading a happy life without caring much about male dominance.

To every reader of, feminism is nothing more than a shit test, and one that can only be won by ignoring.

In the event that you find yourself in a relationship with a crazy feminist, save that energy and next her for a rational woman who never threw her femininity outside the window to hop into the feminist bandwagon.

  • Turn them into notches

Fuck a feminist ‘cause it will be easier for you to make a decisive riddance of her. Speaking of which there are NO better candidates for the pump and dump than feminist cunts.

See, feminism is all about setting women free. Meaning it allows them to desire men and also use them for their sexual interests, without anything else.

It’s all about women putting out and NOT being judged for it. In other words the world just has to pass the same level of judgement on women promiscuity as it does for men.

We should be the happiest of this, ‘cause this means more women will be putting out. Just make sure you have your room installed with cameras lest they decide to turn back on you with a rape charge.

It’s also worth noting that sex isn’t as important as it used to be years back. Sex ceased to be something that people only do when they want to procreate. Nowadays you can engage in sex for the enjoyment bit of it.

So when you decide to have sex with a string of women, let none of them guilt you about using them. You took nothing from them, the same way they took nothing from you. Isn’t that all we wanted–a leveled playing field for both sexes!!!

  • Better Deals

Sex shouldn’t make women feel like they’re entitled to making us commit. If anything, feminism just made it clear that we can engage in sex for enjoyment and NOT be forced into anything we didn’t want in the first place.

We can fuck around. Have women admit their actual feelings or their desire to be fucked by a dominant male. Turns out, no-strings attached coitus engagement makes women more honest about their feelings and desires—they just don’t need to lie about anything because their actions are no longer goaded by their fear of keeping you locked.

That way, women will be less crazy and dramatic and even more willing to be fished out for one night stands and kicked out very early in the morning. Again, get the damn cameras before they decide to turn on you out of bitterness!!!

  • A Chance to Interact with Intellectual Women

Feminists aren’t the vapid or nonintellectual bunch of the women we interact with. Just the opposite.

More feminists means more educated women, which is actually a good thing.

First, game tends to work best on intelligent women. An intelligent woman will have an easy time dropping her panties for you the moment you challenge her intelligence, but an unintelligent woman will take it as an intimidation and immediately  pull the ripcord.

Feminism just makes women more interesting. The extremists might be vanilla. But as long as you know how to ignore her feminist side to focus on the fun part, you’re guaranteed a more interesting interaction compared to one with a woman on the other side.

Feminism is also making women better at decision making . Women as we already know are self-destructive by nature. They’ll simply torpedo a good thing they have just to embrace their masochistic side.

Feminism is helping women make smart decisions. It’s making them start backing their arguments with logic.

So yes, a very dominant man with a strong frame should know how to get a feminist to submit and may be shift some of her viewpoints in alignment with his.

  • Economic Value

Feminism is advocating for an independent woman. That-is, a woman with a job and steady income with zero dependence on her man.

That’s actually a good thing for married men.

Now you don’t need to deal with SAHM. You’re no longer the sole bread winner in your family. Plus you get to enjoy a feminists cunt every night until she decides to screw everything up with a divorce rape charge.

Feminists don’t want you to pay for their meals. They don’t want you to chauffeur them around.

You don’t have to do any of these for pussy when the girl in question subscribes to a feminist’s way of thinking.

Plus if the feminist cunt fucks her way to the top pretty good and manages to accumulate more assets than you, you get to keep a half of the property, which you can use to remarry a hotter and much more submissive 20 year old.

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