How to Start Texting a Girl

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You have her number. Hats off! But easy partner, that’s just the beginning. What you have is a mean to reach her. Not yet close to her nookie. But if you game her right—like a stud I mean, there’s nothing to stop you from hitting the right notes and making her cave in to any plans you have for her.

But every serious relationship and torrid fling has to start off from somewhere. First it’s getting her number. Then comes the texting phase, which should usher in a date if you consider it that necessary. And if everything falls in place as hoped, you should be counting days before you reap your first fruits of labor.

That’s it.

But how do you make texting not only interesting, but effective enough to usher in the next phase?

Well, simple—it starts with the first impression, the start text for that matter.

Why texts when you can just make a call and invite her out?

Okay, at this point if you’re stuck on whether you should go for a text bundle or settle for free minutes, then I suggest you cherry-pick the former.
Well, for one, texts are quick, private and easy for girls to respond to, provided you keep them brief, light and very friendly. Then seductive and downright dirty later on when you’re sure the ice in-between has been broken.

Assuming this is a girl you’ve just met, the fact that she gave you her number shows that she has some level of interest in you. This may change either to something better or worse depending on how you conduct the texting.
Your best shot at this point should be to arouse her curiosity.

Remember there’s a fair chance you’re NOT the only one texting her, especially if you met her over the weekend in a watering hole somewhere. The key is to stand out from the pool of guys trying to win her the same way as you—via texting

The end goal

Your primary aim of texting should be to turn that initial spark that prompted her to give you her number into a sexual attraction.

Using the first text to create sexual attraction

  1. Come up with a text that hooks her in
    Make no mistake when drafting the first text. If anything it has to be so good that she wouldn’t have a second thought leaving whatever she’s doing to text you back. Besides, it should draw out interest to a point that she’ll inevitably take the flirtatious detour herself. Ever heard of turning tables? Well, that’s the point.
  2. ii) Keep it less formal
    The first text should be less formal and very random. Try coming up with something she least expects, call it a trial text. It could about a random thing you’re doing.
    Alternatively, you can just keep it so simple. Something like, “it was nice meeting you today,” followed by your name in case she hadn’t saved it in the first place.
    If she replies within 10 minutes, she’s interested in you. Ask her out in the next text.

    The brief you keep the conversation, the better. But if she takes more than an hour to reply, odds are she’s seeing someone and she’s somehow hanging around the grey area. If you get laid that often, I’d advise you next her. Waffles are so unpredictable and there’s a higher likelihood they may turn out to be a waste of effort.
    You may skip her for the next more interested chick in your phonebook if you have a couple of numbers.

  3. iii). Double check your grammar and spelling
    Only use abbreviations if you have to. That’s if the word you’re texting reads best when it’s abbreviated than when written in full. A case in point, ‘coz’ for because. Otherwise, stick to writing normally.
    It’s also important that you try as much as you can to steer clear of internet lingo such as TGIF, L33T, and IDGAF to name a few.

  4. iv). Don’t shy off from using smiley faces
    A smiley face replaces the friendly smile you put on your face every time a banter line slips your mouth.
    messages, especially the first ones, need to be peppered with banter lines. So we expect to see lots of smiley faces. Winky faces and P faces are a strict no-no at this point.

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