Feminine Bush Shave

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I have seen a shit ton of pussy. What I have yet to lay my eyes on is an unshaven one. Good job ladies!!!

But still, there’s something you girls aren’t getting right. As much as we hate to see a chinchilla down there, a bald Mons Veneris isn’t that huge of a turn on either.

Women have been shaving their pubes since the 14th century. This is NOT something new or some fashion trend as some of you are too shallow to think.

Pictures abound of women with shaven clam, with some dating as far back as the 18th century.


The only difference between shaving back then and shaving now is the how the whole thing was done and the reason behind it. Back then, the bush was more of a topiary, and less prepubescent-like like it is now.  

In place of a shorn clam, there was a small, well-trimmed bush that evoked the feelings of youth and prime fertility, and men were aroused by this, even more than we are upon eyeing a bald downstairs.

Going bald may be the only way our ladies know how to prove their grooming is up to snuff, but it’s NOT even remotely a turn on to any guy who just wants to look at your Mon Veneris and get a boner—NOT unless we’re talking about a pedophile.  

Huge unkempt quim hair isn’t many men’s favorite either. Besides showing your slovenliness and as such NOT deserving of a cannilingus or being fucked in any position other than missionary, this is a dead giveaway that you have zero respect for yourself and the guys you fuck.

Women who don’t shave even a strand of their pubes don’t make good candidates for marriage or an LTR, as their lack of commitment to their personal hygiene also hints their lack of commitment to making anything work. I wouldn’t even talk about their degree of self-respect.

Guys want you to shave, but at the same time they want to see something down there for arousal purposes. Not a full-on bush, but something well-trimmed or topiary-like, enough to make them NOT question your level of commitment to personal hygiene.

Something like the landstrip. 



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