“I have a Vagina and a Thousand Followers; I Deserve the Best Class of Men”

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The virtual world is just an amplification of what we have going on in the meat world.

Rephrased: How people carry themselves on social media is nothing but an exaggeration of self and how they operate in the real world. The difference is with the degree of amplification between sexes, and how far lost each sex is in the virtual abyss.

All an average college grad girl has to do on social media to get thousands of followers is signal her availability and upload the best of her pictures. What followers is her constantly getting showered with near celebrity-like attention from virtual male orbiters across the world.

So she spends every single day knowing she’s got an endless list of male prospects out there. She gets showered with flattery and is constantly reassured of how beautiful she is, and eventually she starts accepting this as the reality.

The case is very different for men. Just announcing your availability and uploading your best picture on your profile ain’t gonna win you a thousand followers, not even a hundred. If anything, it calls for you to be an actual celebrity to be able to pull off what an average girl with average looks can pull off with just a photo and a handful of attention whoring status she’ll be updating.

So these girls live their life looking down upon the chumps that feed their social media ego, NOT knowing that in all fairness, that list contains men whose market value match up her’s in the real world.

But she wouldn’t notice them, so she goes competing for the A-list men, going against thousands of other average college grad girls who actually think that’s their class of men.

Most of the guys these girls ignore on social media actually make the cut in real life. But the girls won’t notice them both on social media and in the meat world, ‘cause the validation they get on social media make them believe they deserve a better class of men.

So once in a while a female 6 gets to rub shoulders with the kind of men she’s been drooling over on social media (say a 9). And in the event that they have sex, she’ll start going around ignoring a 7 or 8 who shows interest in her, ‘cause deep down she believes she deserves a 9.

As for the men on social media, the opposite is true.

Their egos get deflated. They start targeting the girls who are far off below their market value ‘cause the kind of rejection they get on social media has left them convinced they’re no match for these girls.

They lose hope in everything. Some drop out of college, and those who finish make no effort to go for those top tier jobs. Their self esteem is in complete tatters.

Then feminism steps in with their #yougogirl choruses, supporting, encouraging and justifying female decision to break up, cheat and divorce with their “you deserve better” bridges.

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