Looks and Innocence

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Looks lie. Or don’t they just do a damn pretty job at hiding an ugly personality.

Many men would jump at first chance to save an innocent looking chick from a fuming husband or boyfriend fist-pounding her in public without caring much about what she did to get him so aggravated.

But they wouldn’t do the same for an innocent looking prostitute getting rained on by an angry mob for, say, light-fingering one of her patrons. And it’s all ‘’cause of the  kind of distaste men tend to hold against whoring in general.

Yet the most deceiving of the looks is what they find to be the most attractive.

I have seen cheating wives getting pummeled by mob, and NO man rushing to her aid, only women. This goes on to show that men, despite being easily blinded by looks, hate seeing their SO expose their slutty side to another man.

So in a way when men talk of good looks they’re basically talking about a chick appearing less slutty. There’s something endearing about watching the most innocent of them babes out there getting all slutty for you and only you, and her ensuring that things are going to stay that way by staying loyal to you.

That’s what makes a woman hot, not sexy,

But no link exists between innocent looking and actual innocence. Only a man who has seen the worst of women can imagine of an innocent face cheating, lying and fabricating things to screw them up.

That’s why most married men or guys in an LTR are left in complete shock and in an unsalvageable state of distrust when they find out about a whole lot of nasty stuff that remained hidden underneath their SO’s innocent countenance that whole fucking time they were together or until her façade was no more.

I have been with girls that I saw branch swing to the kind of guys I thought they resented or at least talked about it while we were still together. Too much for taking their words for it and missing on all the vital green flags that were right there under my nose ‘cause oh “she looked so innocent.”

At face value, you wouldn’t know if a girl you just met or happen to have seen is the sloot who likes being tied up, whipped, pissed on, flogged, doubled-cunted, or three-MMF-somed into orgasm. Only the jerk of the guys she’s fucking or ever fucked is privy to all this stuff about her.

This is another way of saying she might actually be in a relationship or marriage with a beta guy, who she only star-fishes to, but she has a jerk on the side she allows to drill all her holes.

Not all slutty broads display the a-thousand-cock stare. Nor do they look like creepy kinksters, even when they sure as fuck are.

It takes so much experience and a hefty dose of the redpill to look past a woman’s innocent looks and fittingly vet her, without missing out on key give-outs that will be crawling back to bite you about a decade later should you miscalculated-ly decide to first-mate her.

So to define it the FabboTips way, redpill is about seeing women differently from the lens that the world uses to see them, and this is the way the jerk-most guy she’s fucking or ever fucked sees her.

So unless she’s a virgin who’s never seen a real-time dick before, always assume she’s a slut no matter how innocent her looks try to mislead hordes, and after vetting and deciding she’s fit for an LTR with you, it’s your duty to protect her from her slutty self and be the jerk who sees and accepts her for what she really is (and NOT what the world thinks she is).

Advice 1 to those in an LTR ~~> Always work towards developing the slutty-most memory of her while you’re still with her; by being the jerk-most guy she’s ever given access to her vaj and who still happens to fancy her. Or simple, always strive to outdo every single jerk she’s ever been generous to with her nookie, with the difference being you still consider her your favorite, whether exclusive or NOT.

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