Making Money Should be Your Priority

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It sucks to admit that I have yet to make my first million. And sucks even more to think about the girls I’d be attracting if I was making such kind of money, and which I cannot help but only admire from a distance.

Not a single day goes by without me questioning the decisions I have made in life, and without me planning about how I’ll be changing all that.

The truth is, you need money, and lots of it. I’m NOT talking a-doctor’s-salary kind of money. That’s some beta-shit kind of money. Anything that involves you sucking up to some employer’s ass is beta, no matter how good you’re at gaming.

Think starting an empire. If anything you’re better off as a beta bux with millions than an alpha fuck without money.

With money you can pull the finest tail without even trying. Let me NOT continue lying to you, you’re screwed if the only thing you’ll be aging up with is a high notch count. Your beautiful girlfriend gonna get tired of your alpha antics, and hop into some beta man’s mansion for comfort.

The sad Truth

The truth is; that slave wage or masters degree you’re struggling with isn’t gonna make you rich. Neither will that get-rich-quick listicle you read in some shitty blog run by some lame ass trying to get by off Google AdSense money.

Did I mention the secret and that whole law of attraction shebang?

Been there, done that and here I am… poor as fuck. But that’s about to change.

I don’t need to talk about the benefits of having some real ass money. You know the-I-can-buy-myself-out-of-every-shit kind of money; the Pablo Escobar kind of money; the fastlane-millionaire kind of money.

That’s the money I’m talking about. No degree has ever made anyone such money, save for the few that decided NOT to use it.


How to Make Money

There are more than a million ways to make money. But too bad I’m NOT gonna waste my effort making a list of high-paying jobs like all the blogs are doing. Sorry but that’s just NOT my style.

How you make your money is for you to figure out. But from what I know, with the right determination, you can make money out of doing anything, except for slave wage.

You’ve probably heard of private Label Sales or retail arbitrage. If NOT, try researching on them.

Ain’t a good spoon-feeder, so if you are reading this post hoping I’ll be offering a solid guide on how to grow your wealth from zero,  then sorry to burst your bubble but nothing like that gonna happen. Not on this blog.

You can read all the guides you want, but nothing in this life comes without you putting in the hours and learning from experience.

I’ll probably be here a year or two talking about how I made my first million, but I’m NOT gonna talk about something I have NOT tried myself.



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