Marriage is Only Good for Women

  • 11 months ago
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Marriage only serves the whims of women, NOT men. We pay dowry ‘cause that’s one thing that’s supposed to keep us hooked in–even after realizing there’s nothing we’re gaining from it, we can’t just walk out ‘cause we were made to invest heavily in it.

So yes, we pay dowry to tie us down to women we wouldn’t have second thoughts leaving had we NOT invested in them.

Another reason people get married is to raise kids in a nuclear family setting. Other than that there’s NO other reason, apart from being constantly supplied with sex, why any man with a sane mind would want to tie himself down to a woman with a marriage certificate.

People will talk about the joy of having someone to face the harshness of this world with. But we all know that almost never happens in reality.

Plus you don’t wife someone to make them part of your world. Not when the same can be achieved with an LTR that you only get to meet once in a while and fuck.

Once she convinces you to marry her, she wins and you forever become her slave. It’s doesn’t matter how confident or alpha you are. If anything, her marrying an alpha is an icing on the cake as it goes to mean she’d have succeeded in snagging herself an alpha slave.

In marriage everything you do or say has to be pleasing to your wife. But what do you get in return– vanilla sex, when you could be out there enjoying variety.

And even when things are normal, there will always be some part of your brain that reminds you that she might leave you someday. Let’s just face it–when you screw things up or lose that job, she’ll walk away. And there will be women telling her how she deserves to be happy.

You don’t just get to spend a night outside if you’re married. Nor work late.

Now, as a man on a leash, don’t even think about saying NO about that thing she asked. Everything you do screams divorce should you fail to play by her tune.

Sex isn’t consensual if it’s NOT happening on her terms. You force anything and you know who’s gonna be on your case? Fida.

Suffice it to say that marriage only makes you a mean to her end. She gets a house when she moves in with you, and which she’ll be decorating the way she sees fit. Then she uses your money to buy whatever she pleases, and wouldn’t stop at that without seeing to it that the little crumb snatchers are raised the way she wants.

The law also has her back should things go side ways. The law has her back despite being hip to the fact that the reason you’re separating is ‘cause you found out she’s been fucking some other dude on the side.

And she can’t just leave. You have to give her a half your assets, house, kids and yeah alimony.

There’s a time when marriage was good, and men looked forward to it. Then urbanization happened and bred feminism. Now it’s only good for women.

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