the #MeToo Era

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I recently saw a girl I was interested in hop into the #MeToo bandwagon with a story that screamed fake from the first word she used. And that’s how she got to lose a great man. It was sad watching my affection for her run from 100% to 0% in a matter of seconds.

My timeline would shortly after be populated with similar posts, with chicks riding on the same bullshit, and I kept wondering why take this long to tell their phony stories. After all they would have made them up a long time ago. Were they having some sort of mental block and needed some inspiration to find the best direction to take in evoking empathy?

I know the stories weren’t fake ‘cause they were being told by women. All they needed were some tears (not sperm samples now that the perps’ sperms were already mixed up with that of a long string of other men) to back up their claims.

You know what’s even better than real evidence? Well, a woman dishing out the juicy details of her own account of the story.

Now with feminism metastasizing and ushering in the new #metoo era, things are only bound to get worse. Men just have to be super careful when around chicks. All your kino operations have to be under a CCTV camera that you’ve ensured is NOT being controlled by a feminist or a mangina who might be maliciously tempted to delete it for a schadenfreude moment of watching your balls get sledge-hammered.

That’s the world of feminists we’re living in, where POVs are fast becoming mandatory, and one is required to ensure every video recorded is safely stored, just in case the girl you’re pounding decides upon getting on the other side of the wall to slap you with a dated rape charge still lingering in her memory and which she’s lucky her Alzheimer’s condition hasn’t erased, yet.

That’s the era we’re living in, and one you shouldn’t forget every single moment you’re alive and happen to be in the company of a female mate.

My advice — Get rid of any woman who fesses up about being sexually assaulted at some point in life. Unless you’re cool with her coming back 10 years later when the sitting president will be a female (and a feminist for that matter) and pressing charges on how you coerced her into giving you a blow job.


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