“Need a Break to Figure Things Out”

  • 11 months ago
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This statement gets flashed around once too often, by both sexes. Dudes use it when they want their way out but are too wimpy to be straight forward about it. Plus they’re pussy-whipped and just fear entertaining the thought of some other dude doggy pounding their about-to-be ex.

As for chicks, the statement is pulled when there’s another man in the wing, and they just want permission to go fuck him or a couple of other dudes without feeling guilty about it. You also get to serve as their security blanket in case things fail to work out on the other side.

If a girl tosses the statement to you, don’t bother negotiating or asking for the reasons. Her desires are dead and she’s NOT getting any dopamine fix from you. You lost your alpha cred long time ago and there’s nothing you can do to salvage the LTR.

The best respond should be “cool. But with me, I’m officially done. No breaks.” Say this as you leave and once you’re out that door never bother initiating contact. If anything that’s you cue to spin plates to your fill.

If she ever calls back talking about how sorry she is and how she misses you blah blah, DON”T fucking take her back.

Just tell her it’s not happening and nothing she says is gonna make you change your mind.

You make the mistake of taking her back and she gonna screw you BIG TIME.

Some chicks are so fucked up in the head, you might NOT know to what extend they’ve chosen to indulge their self destructive habits. Your gf is already down this path. She’s beyond what you can influence, and since you can’t control her, consider the damage done and count your loss.

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