Never Buy a Chick You Haven’t Banged a Gift

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Who would you rather be—a Kareem or bounder?

Whereas the former appears to be exactly what ushers in a blissful marriage/relationship, the ugly truth is that it’s the very thing that gets a whole lot of guys out there cuckolded and used. It’s the very thing men do that turn hot mamas under their wings into irredeemable love rats.

This matter-of-factly discovery, no matter how nihilistic it sounds, sheds some light on what might be the leading cause of rambling divorce cases and heartbreaks all over.

I’m not promoting man-whoring, but there are subtle, yet significant ways you could make your bae invest in you for the greater good of the relationship you have. The point is to encourage it, while nixing from the idea of buying her any gift, until you’ve had the privilege of tasting her secret garden.

Using the same creed was none other but one of the most influential man in the corporate landscape—the late Steve J0bs. From his revised autobiography, Steve recalls taking his bae, Joan, on a date. While strolling round town, Joan spots an expensive dress she’s likes from a store window.

But instead of Steve pulling the gentleman card, he gets into his behemoth wallet and buys himself a couple of shirts, completely holding back from buying her the dress. I digress… 

An intelligent girl with NO ulterior motives is one who refuses to accept any gift from a guy. She won’t let you take her to fancy restaurants or nice vacations. The reason being, this is a dead giveaway that someone is actually being manipulative.

Guy who give gifts view it as a way to express their feelings, or prove to a chick that they are indeed caring, loving and willing to go to whatever length to see her happy.

After parlaying the gift, they’ll sit back and wait the chick on the receiving end to return the favor (in sexual terms, of course). Failure of which, some resort to violence or pull a scorch earth demanding that the gifts be returned.

To them, all girls are the same. Bait them with money and petty gifts, and they’ll be at your beck and call, ready to attend to your blue balls.

Girls know the game pretty well. Whenever they get a gift from a guy, they look at it with suspicion.  Why is a random guy I have just met buying me gifts? What is it that he wants? Why is he spending all that money on me? There must be something he’s expecting in return.

She’ll then reach one of the two conclusions—it’s either you’re trying to manipulate your way into her pantie or there’s something wrong with you that you’re trying to compensate.

A guy who overcomes the temptation to shower a new plate he’s after with gifts even when it’s clear he can afford it demonstrates High Market Value, enough to make any chick, even the gold-digging type, be willing to suck his balls clean.

Showering a chick with gifts has NEVER worked for anyone. And even if it does you’ll only wind up with a gold digger, who won’t have second thoughts cheating on your manipulative ass should a window for a greener pasture come sweeping.

Nothing freaks an upright chick more than a guy who’s willing to splash gifts on her during his come-ons. Many will sense the looming danger and pull out right away. Whereas others will decide to turn the tables around and join you in the game.

She’ll accept all the gifts and even push you further to get her even more expensive gifts—you bought her a mid-range smartphone, why don’t you man up and get her a high-budget one? After all you’re moneyed enough and NOT afraid to spend on your chick.

They’ll continue being nice to you, until it gets to the time for sex. That’s when they reach to their innermost vile self and pull the LJBF (Lets Just Be Friends) card.

She’d have won the game. That’s the only explanation we have for those guys who cold-bloodedly end up butchering their girlfriends. The guy tried manipulating a chick she was interested in, and got incensed when the chick flipped the script and emerged victorious, leaving them with a couple of thousands shillings’ loss that they couldn’t come to term with.

A few exceptions do come into play as far as this rule goes. Common one being that involving a gold digger. Instead of just severing with a LTBF, she’ll pull an even viler ‘NO sex until marriage card’, then find a way to pull out before it gets to that.  

If within the interim she doesn’t find someone more moneyed than you, she’ll agree to go ahead with the marriage. But run broke and she’d be gone.

From the premise, though they’ll never agree to it, girls don’t like being showered with gifts. Reason being buying them gifts makes them feel like you’ve created in them a sense of obligation, which is NOT only scary, but also give them a reason NOT to pursue the relationship any further. 

So what’s the way forward?

Well, instead of being the giver of gifts, head straight to the receiving end and get her to invest in both you and the relationship instead.

Again, I’m NOT talking about man-whoring, so gigolos keep off!!!

Assuming you’re already doing something to make your life better if you’re NOT there yet, train yourself to reach out to your chick for small, escalating favours.

That’s because people are inclined to feel more invested in you if they are doing you favours and NOT the other way round. You might want to read about BENJAMIN FRAKLIN EFFECT to find out more.


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