Never Take Dating Advice From a Woman… But You Can Make an Exception on This

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A woman spitting nugget… very hard to come by, but once in a while a dating advise worth taking seriously slips out of a woman’s mouth, and we, the male readers at, can’t help but acknowledge the kind of devotion such women put in uplifting the boy child.

Let me belabor on the points she made.

Addressing anyone with a penis,

“if you want to advance financially”

Which man wouldn’t want that? We all know what money can do. We all know the kind of babes we would be fucking if money was no longer an issue.

We don’t need the money to buy hookers or engage in some quid pro quo with sugar babies. Every ardent follower of this blog knows that they’d still get laid without the money. But then, we need resources—a nice apartment and, of course, a car to sneak some of the hotties we pull into our man cave without attracting prying eyes.

Although banal, Faridah advice on men trying to hog some puntang for themselves to avoid the “Bae-I-am-hungry… bae-buy-me-phone-airtime” kind of cheap skirts is spot on.

I bet she would also advise us NOT to buy hookers… Why buy sex when you can get it for free?

It’s good to know that we’ve always been on the right track. We all know how buying a chick we haven’t banged airtime or taking her to an eat-out can pulverize every little chance we still had of sleeping with her.  

And isn’t that what parents are for — buying their daughters food, airtime, menstruation kits and the rest of the stuff they need for their upkeep until they’re old enough to fend for themselves???

A smart girl knows she needs a job to get by. While a stupid one will tell herself that God will one day send a rich man her way so she can eat off his sweat pretending to be married to or dating him.

The second bunch of chicks is only good for casual flings, particularly to those who know how to leverage them for their phallus interest on a budget.  

We don’t take them to dinners. As a matter of fact, the only time we can take any carrier of a snatch to an-eat out is when we share the same blood or we’ve banged her close to a dozen times and we’re still attracted to the trim.  

After all that’s what game is meant for, and the only reason even exists.

Instead, find did-you-eat-well…do-you-want-me-to-cook-for-you kind of girls.  

This one flies in the face of every feminist I know. Just for the record, the healthy, high-toned woman in the image above is Faridah herself.

From her smile and glowing face we can deduce she’s one happy woman. What’s her secret?

Well, not deconstructing the natural flow of things. Cook for whoever mounts on you every night while you’re there sleeping on your back. And thereafter ask him if he did eat well. That’s her secret, explained straight-and-forwardly, not in an ego-salving manner like some women do.

How fast you progress financially depends on the type of woman you have by your side.

Very true… not just financially. We all know what a success-driven man can do with a good woman by his side.

Faridah is aware of the evil nature of some women. Those who want to leach off your sweat, thinking they’re doing you a huge favor offering you sex.

That’s why we pump then drop them wounded without any remorse. As for the good ones, we don’t jump on them with a boner ‘cause we know they at least deserve a chance to lead a happy life.

A good woman is an investment. A bad one, a bill…

I agree. We all have that woman we can all look back and say my life could have been a hot mess had she NOT been part of it. Otherwise, give yourself time to grow and try looking back when you’re 30 or 40 of age.

A bad one is a bill, a liability. Ask Robert Kawasaki about how to handle a liability and expect him to advise you along the lines of jettisoning her.

Good work Faridah Nakazibwe. Keep them coming and let Fabbo’s translator work its magic, gratis.

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