Nothing Justifies Slutiness

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A self-loathing suicidal slut on a pity prowl is among the top things trending in the country. Her name is Catherine Njeri, and goes on record for being the girl who did 100 men within a span of 4 years after one of her campus mates whose room she had visited for night studies decided to blast her clam.

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This would shortly after see to it that she enrolls as an escort and co-stars in a local porn flick that would wind up as the talk of her campus.

Now  Catherine is back and on a mission to prove that all men are evil and again culpable of all of her adversities.  She had no choice in whatever happened to her and no matter the number of times she tried making the right decision, men always found a way to make her lower her standards.

In addition to the metric number of guys she lowered her panties for, her story traces one recount of her overly degraded sexual standards; to wit, when she ‘reluctantly’ did a farmhand.

It’s NO secret the writer of the post is among those who Catherine has calculatedly managed to fool with her masochistic story. She (the writer) is playing dumb to the fact that whatever happened to Catherine was to a greater part her own doing.

According to her own narrative, she always put herself in the harms way. Started with her choosing to cozily remain in the company of a male companion she barely knows, in his room and probably seated on his bed. But that can be brushed aside when the girl in question is naïve and yet to understand how sex hungry men are wired to be.

That seems to be the case until some time later when she again decided to match outside the house in the deep hours of the night only to be raped by a farmhand. She didn’t scream or see the need to raise an alarm, ‘cause lord knows she could have awakened her sleeping rescuers!!!

According to Catherine, the first rape ordeal pushed her to slutting it up. It’s immediately after the first incidence that she saw some posts advertising for escort positions. She auditioned the next day and after two weeks she had already shot her first blue movie that pushed her to celebrity status in her campus. Starting to think Catherine is a masochistic nympho who can do anything to draw attention. And attention she’s getting!

This explains the reason behind her post.

She’s NO rape victim as the writer tries to put it at the end of her uncorroborated story. But an attention whore who’s NOT afraid to use her snatch as an excuse for every bad decision she’s ever made.

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