Nothing Really Matters

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I ooze confidence, self assurance and enthusiasm with every step I make. I did in fact notice that this is the first thing people take note of whenever they get to meet me for the first time.

I’m also never bothered by approach anxiety. I can approach any chick, anytime, and anywhere without caring a whit about who she is or who she is with. I remember once approaching a chick while she was in the company of her mom, and me having to work her mom in order to get to the daughter. And yes, it worked.

I’m open to greater pick up challenges ‘cause they all just make me more confident. I also started hitting the gym and pumping iron, so soon I’ll try and pick up a chick in front of her boyfriend and I’m gonna detail the report here.

That’s a topic for another day. I just wanted to say something about confidence.

One thing I noticed during my pickups is that girls never mean what they say. I have been with girls who teased me about NOT being macho enough or owning big businesses and assets to back up my confidence. And they are the same girls I have been pulling, sneaking into my man cave, and resisting their LTR propositions.

So yes, I learned NOT to trust anything a girl says. I also learned that girls just say things to please their friends. They never mean it. The trick is to keep your frame and keep on plowing.

But how are you gonna do that when the underlying chick is throwing jabs at the most sensitive spot of your esteem.

Simple: stay confident. And confidence is NOT making yourself believe that you’re the most important person out there, but accepting that you don’t really matter. And if you don’t then nobody else does, women included.

Girls will try to disarm you by trying to make it appear like you should matter to be with them. They’ll shit test you. Take you through hoops, and say whatever else they have to say to DEER you. But nothing they say really matters.

Plus nothing is a big deal. If she doesn’t find you attractive, well and good—it doesn’t matter ‘cause you really don’t matter and so does she. Plus there is more important stuff to sweat over other than spending an entire afternoon digesting over all the possible reasons she didn’t like you.

Low-life people elevate their status by pumping up their ego. It makes them feel bigger and important and of high value. It’s some sort of defense mechanism. What they don’t know is that they don’t really matter. Inflating your ego and erecting it everywhere you go is a small thing to do, ‘cause it only goes on to show that you’re concerned about what other people think.

But the truth is, none of these people matters. Neither do their opinions.

So what really matters?

You dream, your goals, and your ambitions. These are the only things that do matter. As long as you have them well figured out and right on track, nothing else should matter to you.

Pride or foolish ego is the last thing you want to weigh you down. And an alpha man does know when it benefits his goals to take in insults or be viewed as stupid or weak. He knows those painting him in that light don’t matter, and so do their opinions and conjectures.

So in a way an alpha man is the man who has his ego in check.

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